source: trunk/third/moira/db/unschema.sql @ 23095

Revision 23095, 633 bytes checked in by ghudson, 16 years ago (diff)
Import the moira package from SIPB Debathena.
[23095]1drop table users;
2drop table krbmap;
3drop table machine;
4drop table hostalias;
5drop table subnet;
6drop table clusters;
7drop table mcmap;
8drop table svc;
9drop table list;
10drop table imembers;
11drop table servers;
12drop table serverhosts;
13drop table filesys;
14drop table fsgroup;
15drop table nfsphys;
16drop table quota;
17drop table zephyr;
18drop table hostaccess;
19drop table acl;
20drop table strings;
21drop table services;
22drop table printers;
23drop table printservers;
24drop table capacls;
25drop table alias;
26drop table numvalues;
27drop table tblstats;
28drop table incremental;
29drop table containers;
30drop table mcntmap;
31drop table accountnumbers;
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