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Import the moira package from SIPB Debathena.
1P  if fixed in preen step
2F  if not fixed in fast mode
3 * if not offered to fix
4  *if not actually checked
6PHASE 1: looking for duplicates
8        * don't delete both if one is placeholder *
10   Each users_id must be unique
11        Alloc new ID
12F  Each login name must be unique
13        If full names match, delete; else unregister
14F* Each user can appear at most once in the krbmap
15F* Each principal can appear at most once in the krbmap
16   Each mach_id must be unique
17        Alloc new ID
18F* Each machine name must be unique
19F* Each hostalias name must be unique
20F* Each hostalias name must not be the same as any machine name
21   Each snet_id must be unique
22        Alloc new ID
23F* Each subnet name must be unique
24   Each clu_id must be unique
25        Alloc new ID
26F* Each cluster must have a unique name
27   Each list_id must be unique
28        Alloc new ID
29F* Each list must have a unique name
30   Each filsys_id must be unique
31        Alloc new ID
32F* Each filesys name must be unique
33   Each nfsphys_id must be unique
34        Alloc new ID
35   Each string must be unique
36        Delete second copy and remember this for phase 2
37   Each string_id must be unique
38        Delete all copies
39F* Each printer name must be unique
40 * Each printserver entry must be for a unique mach_id
42PHASE 2: checking references
44   Each reference to a string must not point to a duplicate string
45        Reset it to point to the first copy of that string
46   Each reference to a string must point to a real string
47        Reset it to point to string 0
48   Each user's POP pobox must be on a real machine
49        Delete pobox
50   Each user's SMTP pobox must have a string
51        Delete pobox
52   Each user's IMAP pobox must be an existing IMAP filesystem
53        Delete pobox
54P  Every machine must be on a subnet
55        Set to placeholder subnet
56P  Every machine owner must exist
57        Set dummy owner
58   Every subnet owner must exist
59        Set dummy owner
60P  Every entry in the machine-cluster map must reference machine & cluster
61        Delete entry
62P  Every piece of cluster data must be attached to a real cluster.
63        Delete data
64P  Every list ACE must exist
65        Make list it's own acl
66P  Every member must be a member of a real list
67        Delete the member
68P  Every USER member must be a real user
69        Delete the member
70P  Every LIST member must be a real list
71        Delete the member
72P  Every STRING member must be a real string
73        Delete the member
74P  Every KERBEROS member must be a real string
75        Delete the member
76P  Every service USER owner must be a real user
77        Make user 0 own service
78P  Every service LIST owner must be a real list
79        Make list 0 own service
80   Every server/host tuple must refer to a real machine
81        Delete tuple
82   Every NFS physical's machine must exist
83        Delete entry
84   Every filesys must be on a real machine
85        Put it on machine 0
86P  Every filesys' owning user must exist
87        Make it user 0
88P  Every filesys' owning group must exist
89        Make it list 0
90   Every NFS or IMAP filesys' phys_id must exist
91P       Set to correct one if found
92            else create one
93   Every fsgroup must exist
94        Delete the fsgroup
95  *Every fsgroup must be of type FSGROUP
96        Change type
97P  Every fsgroup member must exist
98        Delete member
99P  Every USER quota must be for a real user
100        Delete quota
101P  Every GROUP quota must be for a real list
102        Delete quota
103   Every quota must be on a real filesys
104        Delete quota
105P  Every quota's phys_id must match the filesys' phys_id
106        Fix phys_id
107 **Zephyr checks
108 * Every hostaccess must be for a real machine
109 * Every hostaccess USER must exist
110 * Every hostaccess LIST must exist
111   Every printer must have real printer, spool, and quota machines
112        Delete the printer
113   Every print must be on a printserver
114        Delete the printer
115 * Every printer must have a real log machine
116        Reset to WSLOGGER.MIT.EDU
117   Every print ac/lpc_acl must exist
118        Make it list 0
119   Every printserver must correspond to an existing machine
120        Delete printserver
121   Every printserver printer_types must be a real string
122        Set to empty string
123   Every printserver owner must be a real user/list/kerberos
124        Set to NONE
125   Every printserver lpc_acl must be a real list
126        Set to list 0
127P  Every user in the krbmap must exist
128        Delete map entry
129P  Every string in the krbmap must exist
130        Delete map entry
131 * Every list used in capacls must exist
133PHASE 3: finding unused objects
135   Every list must have at least one member (if -w flag not specified)
136        Print warning
137P  Every string must be used at least once
138        Delete string
140PHASE 4: checking counts
142 * Every POP pobox must be on a POP server
143P  The count of POP boxes must match value1 of the service/host tuple
144        update count
145P  The total quota on an NFSphys must match the recorded allocation
146        update count
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