source: trunk/third/moira/include/update.h @ 23882

Revision 23882, 598 bytes checked in by broder, 15 years ago (diff)
In moira: * New upstream release * Build and install libmoira as a shared library. (Trac: #70) * Drop most of the krb4 patch - it's been incorporated upstream. * Install the Moira development headers by patching the relevant Makefiles, instead of in the debian/rules file.
1#define log_DEBUG 0
2#define log_INFO  1
3#define log_WARNING 2
4#define log_ERROR 3
6#define SERVICE_NAME "moira_update"
7/* For unknown reasons, we're running des_pcbc_encrypt in DEcrypt mode,
8   not ENcrypt, so we need to guarantee that the block size is a multiple
9   of 8 to prevent the data from being zero-padded. */
10#define MR_BUFSIZ 8192
11#define UPDATE_BUFSIZ ((MR_BUFSIZ + 7) & ~7)
13int mr_send_file(int conn, char *pathname, char *target_path, int encrypt);
14int mr_send_auth(int conn, char *hostname);
15int mr_execute(int conn, char *path);
16void mr_send_quit(int conn);
18extern char *whoami;
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