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Import the moira package from SIPB Debathena.
1        error_table     ureg
3        ec      UREG_ALREADY_REGISTERED, "User already registered"
4        ec      UREG_USER_NOT_FOUND, "Unable to locate user in database"
5        ec      UREG_UNKNOWN_HOST, "Unknown host Moira"
6        ec      UREG_UNKNOWN_SERVICE, "Unknown service"
7        ec      UREG_UNKNOWN_REQUEST, "Unknown request to userreg server"
8        ec      UREG_BROKEN_PACKET, "Unable to parse request packet"
9        ec      UREG_WRONG_VERSION, "Wrong version of protocol"
10        ec      UREG_LOGIN_USED, "That login name is already in use"
11        ec      UREG_INVALID_UNAME, "Not valid as a login name"
12        ec      UREG_NO_PASSWD_YET, "Password not yet set."
13        ec      UREG_NO_LOGIN_YET, "Cannot set password when no login name set."
14        ec      UREG_DELETED, "Account is marked for deletion."
15        ec      UREG_NOT_ALLOWED, "You may not register at this time."
16        ec      UREG_KRB_TAKEN, "Authentication setup failed."
17        ec      UREG_MISC_ERROR, "System error."
18        ec      UREG_ENROLLED, "Enrolled in campus namespace."
19        ec      UREG_ENROLL_NOT_ALLOWED, "Enrolled in campus namespace, not eligable for an Athena account."
20        ec      UREG_HALF_ENROLLED, "Halfway enrolled in campus namespace."
21        end
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