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1.TH ADDUSR 1 "29 Nov 2007" "Project Athena"
2\" RCSID: $HeadURL: svn+ssh:// $ $Id: addusr.1 3956 2010-01-05 20:56:56Z zacheiss $
4addusr \- add and/or register users in Moira
6.B addusr [options]
8.I Addusr
9is a tool for adding users in bulk to the moira database and
10registering them for accounts.  It reads the users from a file (or
11stdin) rather than the menu-oriented regular moira client.
13The users are entered in one of two formats, depending on whether or
14not they will be registered.  When users are only being added to the
15database, the format is:
17  lastname, firstname middlename idnumber
19The lastname may have spaces in it, as it will continue up until the
20first comma on the line.  The firstname also may have spaces, as it
21will take up everything but the last two tokens on the line.  If only
223 tokens are on the line, the middlename will be assumed to be the
23empty string.  The middlename cannot have spaces in it.  The idnumber
24also cannot have spaces, although it may have hyphens in it.  The
25capitalization of the names is not important as it will be corrected
26before entering into the database, unless the \fB-n\fR flag has been
27specified.  If the operation specified for
28.B addusr
29includes registering users, then there is one additional token on
30the end of the line:
32  lastname, firstname middlename idnumber loginname
35.IP \fB-file\ \fIfilename\ \fRor\ \fB-f\ \fIfilename\fR:
36This specifies the file that will be read for the list of users to
37operate on.  If not specifed, standard input will be used.  The file
38format is described above.
39.IP \fB-class\ \fIclass\ \fRor\ \fB-c\ \fIclass\fR:
40This specifies the account class that will be used for all users added
41in this invocation.  If not specified, \fITEMP\fR will be used.
42.IP \fB-comment\ \fI"comment"\ \fRor\ \fB-C\ \fI"comment"\fR:
43This specifies the comment that will be stored for all users added
44in this invocation.  If not specified, the comment field will be left
45blank.  Note that the double-quotes are not required by \fBaddusr\fR,
46but will be parsed out by the shell and are only needed to specify
47comments with spaces in them.
48.IP \fB-status\ \fIstatus\ \fRor\ \fB-s\ \fIstatus\fR:
49This specifies the account status that will be used for all users added
50in this invocation.  If not specified, \fI0 (registerable)\fR will be used.
51.IP \fB-shell\ \fIshell\ \fRor\ \fB-h\ \fIshell\fR:
52This specifies the login shell that will be stored for all users added
53in this invocation.  If not specified, a default will be used.  At MIT
54Athena the default is \fI/bin/athena/bash\fR, elsewhere it is likely to be
56.IP \fB-winshell\ \fIshell\ \fRor\ \fB-w\ \fIshell\fR:
57This specifies the Windows console shell that will be used for all users
58added in this invocation.  If not specified, a default value of
59\fIcmd\fR will be used.
60.IP \fB-sponsor\ \fIsponsor\ \fRor\ \fB-sp\ \fIsponsor\fR:
61This specifies the USER, LIST, or KERBEROS that will be listed as the
62sponsor for all users added in this invocation.  This is intended for
63use with accounts in the GUEST and VOUCH classes.
64.IP \fB-expiration\ \fIdate\ \fRor\ \fB-e\ \fIdate\fR:
65This specified the expiration date that will be recorded for all users
66added in this invocation.  This is intended for use with accounts in the
67GUEST or VOUCH classes.
68.IP \fB-register\ \fRor\ \fB-R\fR:
69This instructs \fBaddusr\fR to both add the users to the database and
70then to immediately register them. The users will be left
71"half-registered", meaning that they have everything but a Kerberos
73.IP \fB-reg_only\ \fRor\ \fB-r\fR:
74This instructs \fBaddusr\fR to (half-) register the users without
75attempting to add them to the database. They must already exist in the
77.IP \fB-verbose\ \fRor\ \fB-v\fR:
78This causes \fBaddusr\fR to print messages about each operation as it
79performs it.
80.IP \fB-nodupcheck\ \fRor\ \fB-d\fR:
81Do not attempt to check the database for duplicates before adding
82users.  Normally \fBaddusr\fR will check the database for users with
83the same name.  If it finds any who match in both name and ID number,
84the user will not be added.  If it finds a name match with a different
85ID number, it will print a warning and add the user anyway.
86.IP \fB-nocaps\ \fRor\ \fB-n\fR:
87Do not attempt to normalize the capitalization of first, middle, and
88last names before adding users.  Normally, \fBaddusr\fR will update the
89capitalization of names based on a set of heuristics.  This flag can be
90used to suppress this behavior if it is inappropriate for certain names.
91.IP \fB-database\ \fIhost:port\ \fRor\ \fB-db\ \fIhost:port\fR:
92Use the specified host and port to contact the Moira server instead of
93the default server.  Both may be symbolic names or numbers.  If the
94port is left off, the default Moira server port will be assumed.  The
95server chosen will be the one specified on the command line, specified
96in the MOIRASERVER environment variable, the hesiod "moira" sloc entry,
97or the compiled in default, in that order or preference.
98.IP \fB-secure\ \fRor\ \fB-6\fR:
99This specifies that users added in this invocation will need a secure
100"Account Coupon" containing additional verification information beyond
101name and ID number to be allowed to register.
104Mark Rosenstein
106moira(1), userreg(1)
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