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1.TH STANLEY 1 "25 Sep 2001" "MIT Athena"
2\" RCSID: $HeadURL: svn+ssh:// $ $Id: stanley.1 3956 2010-01-05 20:56:56Z zacheiss $
4stanley \- examine and modify information about users in Moira
6.B stanley username [options]
8.I Stanley
9is a tool for updating information about users in Moira. It supports
10all user modification commands and a few options to change user
13If no options are specified, it will assume \fI-info\fR, which will
14result in all information about the specified user being displayed.
18.IP \fB-info\ \fRor\ \fB-i\fR
19Display information about a user. This is the default mode if no other
20options are given. The output is similar to that of moira.
22.IP \fB-addreservation\ \fIreservation\ \fRor\ \fB-ar\ \fIreservation\fR
23This will add the reservation \fIreservation\fR for the user.  This
24option can be specified multiple times with different reservations
25on the same command line.
26.IP \fB-deletereservation\ \fIreservation\ \fRor\ \fB-dr\ \fIreservation\fR
27This will remove the reservation \fIreservation\fR for the given user. This
28option can be specified multiple times with different reservations
29on the same command line.
31.IP \fB-listreservation\ \fRor\ \fB-lr\fR
32This will list reservations for the specified user.
34.IP \fB-uid\ \fIuid\ \fRor\ \fB-u\ \fIuid\fR
35Update the uid field for the specified user to \fIuid\fR.
36.IP \fB-shell\ \fIshell\ \fRor\ \fB-s\ \fIshell\fR
37Update the shell field for the specified user to \fIshell\fR.
38.IP \fB-winshell\ \fIwinshell\ \fRor\ \fB-w\ \fIwinshell\fR
39Update the winshell field for the specified user to \fIwinshell\fR.
40.IP \fB-status\ \fIstatus\ \fRor\ \fB-S\ \fIstatus\fR
41Update the status field for the specified user to \fIstatus\fR.
43.IP \fB-first\ \fIfirstname\ \fRor\ \fB-F\ \fIfirstname\fR
44Change the first name of the given user to \fIfirstname\fR.
45.IP \fB-last\ \fIlastname\ \fRor\ \fB-L\ \fIlastname\fR
46Change the last name of the given user to \fIlastname\fR.
47.IP \fB-middle\ \fImiddlename\ \fRor\ \fB-M\ \fImiddlename\fR
48Change the middle name of the given user to \fImiddlename\fR.
50.IP \fB-mitid\ \fImitid\ \fRor\ \fB-I\ \fImitid\fR
51Change the MIT ID number of the given user to \fImitid\fR.
52.IP \fB-class\ \fIclass\ \fRor\ \fB-cl\ \fIclass\fR
53Change the class of the given user to \fIclass\fR.
54.IP \fB-comment\ \fIcomment\ \fRor\ \fB-c\ \fIcomment\fR
55Update the comment for the given user to \fIcomment\fR.
57.IP \fB-secure\ \fI0|1\ \fRor\ \fB-6\ \fI0|1\fR
58Change whether a user requires a secure Account Coupon to register for
59an account.
61.IP \fB-sponsor\ \fIsponsor\ \fRor\ \fB-sp\ \fIsponsor\fR
62Set the sponsor of the specified user to \fIsponsor\fR.  This field is
63intended to be used for accounts in the GUEST and VOUCH classes.
64.IP \fB-expiration\ \fIdate\ \fRor\ \fB-e\ \fIdate\fR
65Set the expiration date for the specified user to \fIdate\fR.  This
66field is intended to be used for accounts in the GUEST and VOUCH
69.IP \fB-unformatted\ \fRor\ \fB-u\fR
70Display user information with each field on a seperate line, in the
71form "fieldname: value".
72.IP \fB-verbose\ \fRor\ \fB-v\fR
73Give more information.  With this flag, stanley will display the
74queries it is making to the moira server.
75.IP \fB-noauth\ \fRor\ \fB-n\fR
76Do not attempt to perform Kerberos authentication with the Moira server.
77Most lookup operations should be still possible without tickets.
78.IP \fB-database\ \fIhost:port\ \fRor\ \fB-db\ \fIhost:port\fR
79Use the specified host and port to contact the Moira database instead of
80the default server.  Both may be symbolic names or numbers.  If the
81port is left off, the default Moira server port will be assumed.  The
82database chosen will be the one specified on the command line, specified
83in the MOIRASERVER environment variable, the hesiod "moira" sloc entry,
84or the compiled in default, in that order or preference.
86.IP \fB-create\ \fRor\ \fB-C\fR
87This will create the specified user, with information provided by other
88options. By default, the user will be be status 0, and will be assigned
89a unique username and uid, and will not require an Account Coupon to register.
90.IP \fB-deact\ \fRor\ \fB-D\fR
91This will deactivate the specified user, as well as the matching list
92and filesystem, assuming they exist.
93.IP \fB-rename\ \fInewname\ \fRor\ \fB-R\ \fInewname\fR
94This will rename the given user to \fInewname\fR.
95.IP \fB-register\ \fRor\ \fB-r\fR
96This will register the specified username, creating a filesystem and
97assigning a PO Box.  It will not create a Kerberos principal.  A status
980 user will be status 2 after having been registered in this way, and
99the user will still need to use the registration applet to set an
100initial password.  Status 6 users will be status 1 and have full Athena
101accounts after being registered.
104Garry Zacheiss, MIT Information Systems.
109An exit status of 2 indicates a problem contacting the server. An exit
110status of 1 indicates that the arguments could not be parsed or some
111query to the moira server returned an error. An exit status of 0
112indicates that all operations requested completed successfully.
115The username doesn't actually have to be the first argument, but if
116you put it anywhere else, it's easy to get the other arguments in the
117wrong order and do something other than what you intended.
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