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1.TH UPDATE_SERVER 8 "30 Nov 1988" "Project Athena"
2\" RCSID: $HeadURL: svn+ssh:// $ $Id: update_server.8 3956 2010-01-05 20:56:56Z zacheiss $
4update_server \- daemon that accepts config files from Moira
6.B update_server
9.B update_server
10must be started at boot time on each server that is to be updated by
11Moira.  It should be run as root.  It takes no arguments, and will
12detach from the tty and put itself in background.  It attempts to log
13its actions to stdout, so the output should be directed to a file if
14it is needed.
16While there are no command line options, a configuration file
17.I /etc/athena/moira.conf
18may specify a number of options.  This file may contain blank lines,
19comments preceeded by hash marks, boolean options, or string options.
20A boolean option is set by just putting the name of the option on a
21line.  A string option is specified by putting the name of the option,
22some whitespace, and then the value.
23.IP "user username"
24This will set the UID of the running server to the specified user's
25UID.  All file accesses and the execution of the instructions will be
26with this user's privileges.
27.IP "chroot directory"
28This will set the root directory to the specified directory for the
29running of the server.  It uses the chroot system call, so when used
30in conjunction with the
31.I user
32option should make the server quite secure.
33.IP nofork
34This boolean specifies that the server should not fork when a new
35connection is opened.  This is only useful for debugging, as when the
36client connection is closed, the server will exit.
37.IP noclobber
38This boolean specifies that the server is not allowed to overwrite any
39existing files while it is receiving datafiles and instructions.
40.IP noexec
41This boolean specifies that the server is not allowed to execute any
42instructions.  It may receive datafiles and instructions, but not
43execute anything.
44.IP "auth user.instance@REALM"
45This specifies a Kerberos principal that is allowed to connect to the
46server.  This option may be specified multiple times with different
47principals.  If none are specified, the user
48.B sms
49in the local realm is assumed.
51/etc/athena/moira.conf \- For configuration variables.
52/etc/athena/srvtab \- It must be able to get rcmd Kerberos tickets.
54The Project Athena Technical Plan section on Moira.
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