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4Media goodies for Nautilus
6- audio view            displays directory as audio tracks, plays them
7- audio properties view a property page for audio files, used in nautilus
8- gst-thumbnail         thumbnails videos for nautilus
10Educational stuff for writing Nautilus views
11- test view             a test view to learn from
15- the audio view plays tracks using GStreamer.
16- it currently plays wav, ogg, mp3 and flac (if your gnome-vfs is current)
17- seeking should work
18- if you want to help test, do the following things (in audio-view):
19  - start by trying audio-play-test (my music file)
20    and see if it can play the file and prints out lots of stuff
21  - if that works, try the gnome-test app.  Run
22    ./gnome-test (dir with music files)
23    and see if it recognizes them and plays them as well.
24  - if that works, you can try the bonobo-test app.  Run it in the same way.
25    For it to work, the server file needs to be installed to your bonobo
26    servers dir ($(prefix)/lib/bonobo/servers) and the nautilus-audio-view
27    should be installed to $(prefix)/libexec.
28    (If you ran configure with the same prefix as nautilus and bonobo, this
29     should just work).  If this test app works, is able to bring up the
30     component, and it plays, then on to the final step.
31  - in nautilus, go to a dir containing audio files, and choose View as...
32    next to the location bar.  Then from the menu, choose "View as Audio"
33    and see if it works.
35I appreciate any and all bug reports, with a mention of which of these four
36did work and which didn't, and possibly a link to the problematic audio files,
37so I can fix this and help you further.
41* to use the thumbnailer:
42  - you need nautilus >= 2.1
43  - you need to install the GConf schema that tells nautilus how to thumbnail.
44    (the old method, ~/.gnome2/thumbnailrc, is gone)
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