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1This directory contains sources and documentation for RCS.
3RCS, the Revision Control System, manages multiple revisions of files.
4RCS can store, retrieve, log, identify, and merge revisions.
5It is useful for files that are revised frequently,
6e.g. programs, documentation, graphics, and papers.
8See the following files and directories for more information.
10        COPYING - copying conditions
11        CREDITS - authorship information
12        INSTALL - generic installation instructions
13        INSTALL.RCS - installation instructions specific to RCS
14        NEWS - recent changes, and possible future changes
15        REFS - references to RCS and related free software and documentation
16        man - sources for manual page entries
17 - troff source for the paper `RCS--A System for Version Control'
18 - brief overview
19        src - sources for programs
20        src/version.c - the version number of this release
22If you lack troff, you can get GNU groff to format the documentation.
24Report problems and direct all questions to:
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