source: trunk/third @ 12141

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
rs 9111   28 years ghudson Rewrite for regular make.
lam 9113   28 years ghudson Avoid __P(); just assume we can do prototypes.
whois 9137   28 years ghudson Rewrite as normal Makefile.
look 9139   28 years ghudson Rewrite as a normal Makefile.
jot 9514   27 years ghudson Honor configure-time environment variables CPPFLAGS, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, and ...
appletalk 10003   27 years ghudson Support $ROOT again, since we get run during the install as well as during ...
traceroute 10425   27 years ghudson Install the man page when we do "make install".
rx 10480   27 years ghudson Install as libregex.a instead of librx.a, to avoid conflict with AFS rx ...
talk 10543   27 years ghudson Remove sa_ in oldsockaddr field names to avoid conflict with IRIX 6.3 ...
transcript 10670   27 years ghudson Put backslashes before '@' signs, for perl 5 compatibility.
xmh 10892   27 years ghudson Use strerror.
wcl 10931   27 years ghudson Nuke auto-generated files.
kermit 10994   26 years ghudson From svalente: these days Linux uses -lncurses.
perl 11035   26 years ghudson Disable the -o test; it doesn't work in AFS.
ispell 11089   26 years ghudson We need an english.hash link too.
sysinfo 11117   26 years ghudson Merge with sysinfo 3.3.1.
x3270 11125   26 years ghudson Sync with x3270 I notice a bug in the creation of (qcpp ...
rcs 11195   26 years ghudson Add DESTDIR support.
patch 11198   26 years ghudson Don't need this any more; patch is more agreeable.
afsbin 11434   26 years danw Set umask so /usr/vice/etc/cacheinfo won't be world-writable
top 11437   26 years ghudson Solaris 2.6 uses k_anoninfo instead of anoninfo. The structure type of ...
mwm 11444   26 years ghudson Make this man page work reasonably on the sun. Changes were: - '\" t ...
mh 11447   26 years ghudson If MAILDROP is set, don't do default pop behavior.
kpasswd 11571   26 years ghudson Deal properly with real v4 headers.
xntp 11607   26 years ghudson Disable kernel PLL support on Solaris 2.6, 'cause it's broken.
emacs 11665   26 years ghudson Use the system malloc, as new versions of emacs do.
tex 11739   26 years ghudson Pull in a change from a more recent web2c release: * web2c.h ...
bind 11742   26 years ghudson Don't hang on unrecognized command-line switches.
ksrvutil 11800   26 years ghudson From nathanw: use strerror().
gcc 11932   26 years ghudson Whoops, back out unintentional part of last change.
tcp_wrappers 11933   26 years ghudson Set the compiler.
krb5 12074   26 years ghudson Passive mode default should be off, like other FTP clients.
tcsh 12109   26 years danw Use $(ATHTOOLROOT) in Hesiod paths. Don't create tcsh.old
ssh 12138   26 years ghudson Close some possible buffer overflows.
inetd 12141   26 years danw Add paragraph break before description of switched/unswitched.
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