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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Resolution Created
#847 Port config-package-dev to Debhelper 7/8 geofft task normal fixed 11 years
#388 config-package-dev maintainer scripts don’t undivert on deconfigure defect normal fixed 12 years
#1061 config-package-dev: undivert_unlink passes undivert_unlink_divert an extra argument defect trivial fixed 10 years
#1523 debathena-phyesiodfs requires fuse group; configure fails if it does not exist defect normal fixed 7 years
#1541 Move config-package-dev upstream repo to Github task normal fixed 7 years
#1552 pyhesiodfs install fails because fuse group is gone in jessie defect high duplicate 7 years
#1574 Xenial repo is empty? defect normal fixed 6 years
#1575 python-afs depends on python-support, which doesn't exist? defect normal fixed 6 years

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Resolution Created
#1354 config-package-dev: Add Built-Using field to binary packages involving transforms geofft enhancement normal 9 years
#867 config-package-dev should be smart enough to undivert and unremove automatically enhancement normal 11 years
#936 config-package-dev should install Lintian override for package-contains-empty-directory for DEB_REMOVE_FILES defect trivial 11 years
#1056 DEB_UNDIVERT_FILES should clean up .debathena conffiles defect normal 10 years
#1302 config-package-dev uses deprecated --control-path option to dpkg-query defect insignificant 9 years
#1355 config-package-dev: Provide Lintian checks enhancement normal 9 years
#1567 config-package-dev: Document licensing of generated output enhancement normal 6 years
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