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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Resolution Created
#579 Deal with 3.0 source packages vasilvv defect normal 13 years
#334 aclocal.m4 is Wrong achernya defect low 13 years

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Resolution Created
#1576 pyhesiodfs build depends on python-support defect high fixed 6 years
#128 Write cron job to e-mail about packages in -proposed enhancement normal fixed 14 years
#187 daupload errors if you tell it to go on in spite of files missing defect normal wontfix 14 years
#193 Update the NOTES file task normal invalid 14 years
#859 publicly-readable real-time Subversion repo access enhancement normal wontfix 12 years
#1096 dasource should intelligently handle repo URL defect normal invalid 11 years
#1387 TracZephyrPlugin should zephyr the ticket URL enhancement normal fixed 9 years
#339 Build packages for Ubuntu's lpia architecture enhancement low wontfix 13 years
#898 discuss doesn't support building shared libraries enhancement low duplicate 12 years
#565 We don't write maintainer scripts for the #PACKAGE# package defect trivial fixed 13 years
#572 dacopy and daremove are different from reprepro {copy,remove} defect trivial wontfix 13 years
#727 build-all: stamps directory should be less silly enhancement trivial wontfix 12 years

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Resolution Created
#81 Cron job to check for changed upstream versions of diverted conffiles enhancement normal 15 years
#578 We need a better plan for manual-config defect normal 13 years
#1029 Consider making reprepro not delete unreferenced files immediately defect normal 11 years
#1101 Grand plan for fixing build-all and da and sbuildhack enhancement normal 11 years
#1369 Start shipping zsh in debathena-standard and up enhancement normal 9 years
#185 Install pkg-create-dbgsym in build chroots enhancement low 14 years
#302 Write zephyr notification hook for apt repo enhancement low 13 years
#331 /package-list/proposed should include debdiffs enhancement low 13 years
#551 Package sections don't line up with svn organization defect low 13 years
#560 Add Vcs-*: fields to packages lexrj enhancement low 13 years
#726 dareprepro should use a global lock enhancement low 12 years
#833 ctime no longer accurate in defect low 12 years
#183 config packages should Enhance packages they configure enhancement trivial 14 years
#631 packages should not list their Section: as (implicitly) main defect trivial 12 years
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