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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1597 python-afs fails to build on bionic kaduk defect high --
#653 send something to upstream about the GSSAPIKeyExchange missing keytab problem achernya defect normal --
#140 Screen saver doesn't say how long you've been idle jdreed defect low --
#443 We need a better bug reporter jdreed defect low --
#608 Notification-area applet for locker quota jdreed enhancement low --
#625 athinfo.defs should be in /usr/share? jdreed enhancement trivial --
#750 man page for blanche(1) missing many options jdreed defect insignificant documentation

Status: assigned (13 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1464 Write a one-size-fits-all metrics/data gatherer wpreston enhancement high --
#579 Deal with 3.0 source packages vasilvv defect normal development
#584 pyHesiodFS sometimes returns mysterious EIO achernya defect normal --
#896 Source should be trivially usable on not-Debathena vasilvv defect normal --
#1066 athena-dist has bitrotted; it's not 1995 anymore achernya defect normal --
#1135 Punt the hacky metapackages used only in build dependencies vasilvv task normal --
#1301 Put xmobar and trayer in extra-software cjtenny enhancement normal --
#225 should create a log for debugging purposes amb enhancement low installer
#334 aclocal.m4 is Wrong achernya defect low development
#473 renew should take arguments, pass them to kinit witchakk enhancement low dotfiles
#649 Installer should offer to change your apt repo to witchakk enhancement low --
#1374 Move debathena locker to -c athena adehnert task low --
#766 debathena-pyhesiodfs should stop using macathena as an upstream jdreed defect trivial --

Status: closed (343 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1297 openafs module won't build on 3.5 kernel defect blocker -- fixed
#1417 Incorrect use of namespace packages in printing-config and metrics defect blocker -- fixed
#1423 Disable Amazon, etc. search results in the Lens defect blocker -- fixed
#1427 debathena-pharos-support doesn't install on saucy defect blocker -- fixed
#1519 alpine exchange config does not let you select subfolders of inbox defect blocker -- fixed
#1549 Re-snapshot moira at 4184 defect blocker -- fixed
#1581 nss_hesiod segfaults in xenial and jessie defect blocker upstream fixed
#844 YouTube causes 755s to crash hard, and 745s to look funny defect high -- fixed
#866 debathena-apparmor-config needs to undivert/unremove stuff defect high -- fixed
#940 Migrate zulu to not-Debian jdreed enhancement high -- fixed
#948 DKMS transition breaks on Debian meta-metapackages defect high -- fixed
#957 Review Lintian VendorCustomization spec and use it task high -- fixed
#976 debathena-gdm-config doesn't handle Debian gdm3 package bbaren defect high -- fixed
#1411 pyhesiodfs, thirdparty-libraries depend deleted package fuse-utils defect high -- fixed
#1416 openafs no longer accepts AFS_DYNROOT=true defect high -- fixed
#1552 pyhesiodfs install fails because fuse group is gone in jessie defect high config-package-dev duplicate
#1576 pyhesiodfs build depends on python-support defect high development fixed
#1582 chsh: Some internal error has occurred. Try again. defect high -- fixed
#1596 nss_nonlocal needs surgery for glibc 2.27 defect high -- fixed
#114 Testing closing tickets with TracZephyrPlugin defect normal -- invalid
#128 Write cron job to e-mail about packages in -proposed enhancement normal development fixed
#164 installer should know about apt-release clusterinfo amb defect normal -- fixed
#187 daupload errors if you tell it to go on in spite of files missing defect normal development wontfix
#193 Update the NOTES file task normal development invalid
#333 PXE installer doesn't configure network amb defect normal installer fixed
#388 config-package-dev maintainer scripts don’t undivert on deconfigure defect normal config-package-dev fixed
#408 athena-auto-update should deal with upstream's anjuta/libgbf fail defect normal -- wontfix
#442 SIPB apt repo enhancement normal -- wontfix
#458 Non-BSD CUPS clients should choose the correct server defect normal printing wontfix
#470 clear login screen state after a few minutes defect normal -- fixed
#484 Job not canceled when removed from queue defect normal -- wontfix
#528 athena-auto-update should 'aptitude install' jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#529 Make Athena ready to transition away from single-DES kaduk defect normal -- fixed
#554 auto-update should refuse to run if -development is enabled defect normal -- wontfix
#562 Debathena restart of CUPS during upgrade sleeps for 2 minutes defect normal -- fixed
#567 upstart is too cool for invoke-rc.d defect normal -- wontfix
#580 debathena-pyhesiodfs: Restarting automounter post-install script froze on dist-upgrade defect normal -- worksforme
#621 Trac zephyr plugin should include ticket types enhancement normal -- fixed
#627 byobu postinst interacts poorly with NSS_NONLOCAL_IGNORE defect normal -- fixed
#646 Installer secretly depends on wget defect normal installer fixed
#665 lpr/lpq/lp do not detect default printer defect normal -- fixed
#669 tex-config does not like being installed or uninstalled defect normal -- fixed
#703 find a way to keep "Recent News" up to date enhancement normal website fixed
#704 revamp the website enhancement normal website fixed
#708 Consider disabling DontZap enhancement normal -- wontfix
#713 Login without customizations should be more insistent enhancement normal -- wontfix
#730 debathena-nsswitch-config should divert initctl to unset NSS_NONLOCAL_IGNORE defect normal -- invalid
#740 Package CSAIL CA achernya enhancement normal -- fixed
#746 zephyr subs disappear in under a minute on defect normal -- fixed
#763 Upgrade Trac to 0.12 when we move to demeter defect normal -- fixed
#767 dh_listpackages "fatal error" while generating debian/control with CDBS defect normal -- wontfix
#778 Do not use dpkg-query in Xsession.d scripts jdreed enhancement normal login chroot fixed
#783 We need a recovery hook jdreed enhancement normal -- fixed
#784 athena-auto-update should use start-stop-daemon enhancement normal -- wontfix
#788 (some) printer2 queues are broken geofft defect normal printing workaround
#791 updater should generate static crontab files at install time defect normal -- fixed
#805 printing-config should be nonnative defect normal -- wontfix
#806 debathena-msmtp constructs useless From lines for non-null instances defect normal -- fixed
#810 test enhancement normal -- invalid
#811 test2 enhancement normal -- invalid
#818 Run athinfod during the install jdreed enhancement normal -- fixed
#831 bugme -> logmeout enhancement normal -- fixed
#845 debathena-moira-update-server error on uninstall defect normal -- fixed
#847 Port config-package-dev to Debhelper 7/8 geofft task normal config-package-dev fixed
#857 Move the AFS copy of the svn repo to the athena cell jdreed task normal -- fixed
#859 publicly-readable real-time Subversion repo access enhancement normal development wontfix
#880 associate .ram files with RealPlayer defect normal -- wontfix
#881 debathena-discuss-server missing utility programs, esp. "byteswap" mitchb defect normal -- fixed
#886 Unlocking screen messes with zwgc's auth defect normal -- workaround
#889 Kill the LPR GTK+ backend enhancement normal -- wontfix
#901 usb-creator-gtk doesn't work on cluster defect normal -- worksforme
#903 See if Pharos can support raw PostScript task normal -- fixed
#906 athinfod-cluster-config should use is_cluster(1) defect normal -- fixed
#913 Come up with an awesome way to manage nobuild files defect normal -- fixed
#917 post-commit hook should be in UTF8 enhancement normal -- fixed
#921 Clean up comments and info in prototype_user files defect normal -- fixed
#922 Track commit review better defect normal -- fixed
#923 debathena-bash-config interferes with base-files’s upgrading of /etc/profile defect normal -- fixed
#925 Order of sanity checks in installer is stupid defect normal -- fixed
#930 clearing /home maybe breaks natty cluster logins defect normal -- worksforme
#935 backports listed in both sources.list and sources.list.d jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#945 workstation install prompts about hddtemp defect normal -- invalid
#946 Restore mwm enhancement normal -- fixed
#952 debathena-kiosk button should be a panel applet enhancement normal -- wontfix
#953 debathena-msmtp-config has no business with /etc/aliases defect normal -- fixed
#958 config-package-dev needs to use `LC_ALL=C dpkg-divert --list` defect normal -- fixed
#962 Add systemd support to pyhesiodfs slz enhancement normal -- fixed
#967 Create -bleeding repository jdreed enhancement normal -- fixed
#973 discuss segfault on re-adding a meeting defect normal -- fixed
#984 english-to-english-config should say something about Pharos enhancement normal -- wontfix
#988 Installer should warn about IPs with no hostnames in stage1 defect normal -- fixed
#991 790s have trouble rebooting? defect normal -- duplicate
#992 consider enabling restricted drivers on -workstation defect normal -- wontfix
#998 xsession: hotline isn't the contact for private machines defect normal -- fixed
#1003 should be served over https defect normal -- fixed
#1005 auto-update logs are missing on -workstation defect normal -- fixed
#1007 browse button breaks permanently if you dismiss its popup with Esc defect normal -- fixed
#1008 update-manager's "partial upgrade" dialog sometimes shows up with auto-update defect normal -- ignored
#1010 lpq -Pmitprint should maybe show the Pharos queue for users who are doing it wrong enhancement normal -- wontfix
#1016 Browser kiosk should disable printing defect normal -- fixed
#1017 mitprint should be the default printer defect normal printing fixed
#1022 lpr fails to add job to printer queue defect normal -- worksforme
#1024 upgrade.log is not queryable over athinfo defect normal -- fixed
#1035 /dev/xconsole isn't there on natty defect normal -- ignored
#1038 Don't scribble over the utility partition enhancement normal -- wontfix
#1043 Net install maybe sucks? defect normal -- worksforme
#1044 FF will soon include Windows-esque UAC defect normal -- worksforme
#1046 Kill debathena-tex-bin defect normal -- duplicate
#1050 nsswitch-config: path to libnss-mdns.postinst might change with multiarch defect normal -- fixed
#1053 cluster reboots sometimes hang (2) defect normal -- duplicate
#1054 cluster reboots sometimes hang (3) defect normal -- fixed
#1055 update_server is enabled on all fresh installs because of broken dpkg --compare-versions test defect normal -- fixed
#1057 /etc/apparmor.d/tunables/home.d transition not managed well defect normal -- duplicate
#1058 /etc/firefox-3.0/pref/ubufox.js transition not managed well defect normal -- duplicate
#1059 /etc/gdm/gdm.conf* transition not managed well jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#1060 /etc/krb.* transition not managed well defect normal -- fixed
#1062 printing-config should respect local printer over Hesiod default defect normal -- duplicate
#1064 achernya should release a hesiod 3.1.1 tarball task normal -- fixed
#1065 Installing debathena-thirdparty uninstalls debathena-workstation defect normal -- worksforme
#1068 Hardy's hpijs-ppds does not contain hp-laserjet_9050-hpijs-pcl3.ppd jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#1070 recovery-mode-config does not set /etc/hosts correctly defect normal -- fixed
#1085 OpenAFS BUG on shutdown defect normal -- worksforme
#1086 add WIN.MIT.EDU to krb5.conf enhancement normal -- fixed
#1092 Package PyAFS whether it's a good idea or not defect normal -- fixed
#1093 wheezy no longer close enough to squeeze defect normal -- fixed
#1096 dasource should intelligently handle repo URL defect normal development invalid
#1113 Missing LSB headers on /etc/init.d/debathena-dns-config defect normal -- fixed
#1117 errant cyrus-sasl2-mit in squeeze archive task normal -- fixed
#1125 debathena-dns-config install hangs on squeeze defect normal -- invalid
#1126 /usr/athena/bin/python breaks with /usr/athena symlink defect normal -- wontfix
#1134 debathena-moira FTBFS defect normal -- fixed
#1141 Consider a flag file which disables the dialup's sshd sanity checking defect normal -- duplicate
#1158 debathena-cluster-login-config cannot be installed from a tty defect normal -- duplicate
#1173 desync should grow desync2cron functionality jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#1177 sslh on the dialups? task normal linerva fixed
#1178 shellinabox on the dialups? task normal linerva fixed
#1180 Policy on scheduled downtime and reboot announcements task normal linerva fixed
#1181 Policy on security updates task normal linerva fixed
#1184 vinagre missing in debathena-precise alexp enhancement normal -- invalid
#1189 dkms transition broke linux-image-server defect normal -- fixed
#1191 Get rid of "dirname $0" in the build scripts enhancement normal -- fixed
#1198 Make linerva-shellinabox-config part of Debathena task normal linerva duplicate
#1203 nss_nonlocal: initgroups_dyn should return success when adding only magic groups defect normal -- fixed
#1210 auto-update's nologin text has no start time defect normal -- fixed
#1213 athena.dialup needs Linerva's awful 32-bit library hack defect normal linerva wontfix
#1214 Better athinfo error handling enhancement normal -- fixed
#1223 daconfiscate breaks with new libtool defect normal -- invalid
#1225 debathena-lprng FTFBS on wheezy defect normal -- invalid
#1226 debathena-nmh FTFBS on wheezy defect normal -- fixed
#1229 Update machtype for quantal and wheezy defect normal -- fixed
#1230 build-all Makefile should cleanup .started and .error stamps files defect normal -- invalid
#1234 Please display (bring back) seconds in the login screen! enhancement normal -- worksforme
#1237 restricted-drivers notifications may be back in Precise on cluster defect normal -- invalid
#1241 debathena-emacs-config doesn’t uninstall cleanly defect normal -- fixed
#1245 auto-update's mirror check is too enthusiastic defect normal -- fixed
#1249 Evolution displays annoying Nautilus error when saving attachments defect normal -- fixed
#1260 lightdm-greeter's "Restart"menu item has a stray tooltip defect normal -- fixed
#1265 Discourage zombie moshes defect normal linerva fixed
#1266 lightdm-greeter sometimes spins on get_authenticated_user() defect normal -- worksforme
#1267 build-depends not installable on quantal defect normal -- fixed
#1277 dasnapshot doesn't work on Precise defect normal -- fixed
#1281 athrun (or athmumble) should depend hesiod-config defect normal -- wontfix
#1286 mtr doesn't work on defect normal linerva fixed
#1287 mtr doesn't work on defect normal linerva invalid
#1293 username.dialup persistent DNS service defect normal linerva wontfix
#1296 does not support IPv6 defect normal linerva wontfix
#1298 Get rid of debconf-hack task normal -- fixed
#1299 login without customizations doesn't work sometimes defect normal -- wontfix
#1308 Don't set allow_weak_crypto enhancement normal -- fixed
#1311 debathena-language-support is useless in Precise+ defect normal -- fixed
#1313 Logrotate, auto-update and athinfo don't play nice defect normal -- fixed
#1316 de-support auto-upgrades to anything older than precise defect normal -- fixed
#1327 Trac's login button should redirect properly defect normal website duplicate
#1328 pidgin-wrapper and evolution-wrapper and gconfd-2-wrapper FTBFS on raring defect normal -- fixed
#1331 firefox-extension doesn't work with FF20 defect normal -- invalid
#1332 c-p-d 5.x broke defect normal -- wontfix
#1343 Encourage classes to use athena.dialup task normal linerva fixed
#1345 Replace lam and rs with FreeBSD versions, until they can be laid to rest defect normal -- fixed
#1347 Stop debathenifying schroot defect normal -- fixed
#1351 Replace gettime(8) with rdate(8) defect normal -- fixed
#1352 AFS slow on defect normal linerva fixed
#1356 Debian certificate store does not trust InCommon signer defect normal -- fixed
#1380 chsh.moira is broken defect normal -- fixed
#1387 TracZephyrPlugin should zephyr the ticket URL enhancement normal development fixed
#1393 Trac XMLRPC script defect normal -- fixed
#1394 add xmobar to thirdparty defect normal -- fixed
#1401 Enable multiverse in the Ubuntu build chroots jdreed defect normal -- wontfix
#1404 Fix machtype for raring and saucy defect normal -- fixed
#1418 Transition to dh_python2 task normal -- fixed
#1420 Re-snapshot Moira defect normal -- fixed
#1422 add python-virtualenv to -thirdparty defect normal -- fixed
#1432 Fix dotfiles cshrc to not use tcsh-isms defect normal -- fixed
#1435 lucid and squeeze broke with debathena-ssh-client-config jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#1438 Update our mail client configs to support Exchange GSSAPI defect normal -- fixed
#1447 libnss-nonlocal is not installable on jessie defect normal -- fixed
#1459 get_message does not create its cache defect normal -- fixed
#1470 Use HTTPS for enhancement normal website fixed
#1473 Actually remove browsepolling from cupsys-config defect normal -- fixed
#1485 Configure gtk print backends for gtk3 defect normal -- fixed
#1490 installer should update the apt-file cache defect normal -- fixed
#1508 File OpenAFS bug about apparmor task normal -- duplicate
#1523 debathena-phyesiodfs requires fuse group; configure fails if it does not exist defect normal config-package-dev fixed
#1535 debathena-dns-config breaks dnsmasq with DHCP defect normal -- fixed
#1541 Move config-package-dev upstream repo to Github task normal config-package-dev fixed
#1543 debathena-machtype should not depend openafs-client defect normal -- fixed
#1553 debathena-firefox-wrapper fails to install with iceweasel defect normal -- duplicate
#1554 debathena-lightdm-config fails to install on non-Upstart systems defect normal -- fixed
#1555 debathena-extra-software has unmet dependencies on jessie defect normal -- fixed
#1559 debathena-chromium-config should use admin policy defect normal -- fixed
#1562 debathena-ssh-server-config produces a file that is incompatible with systemd defect normal -- fixed
#1568 Three reporting issues with new delete defect normal -- fixed
#1569 delete stack-trace if deleted file also exists defect normal -- fixed
#1570 trying to recursively delete a directory produces a stack trace defect normal -- fixed
#1571 update CellServDB defect normal -- fixed
#1574 Xenial repo is empty? defect normal config-package-dev fixed
#1575 python-afs depends on python-support, which doesn't exist? defect normal config-package-dev fixed
#1579 libcyrus-imap-perl24 got renamed (again) to libcyrus-imap-perl defect normal mail fixed
#124 De-crustify the CellServDB broder task low -- wontfix
#136 Can we use pam-afs-session? broder enhancement low -- fixed
#145 We should make an Athena plymouth theme tboning enhancement low -- fixed
#150 Tab completion for athrun enhancement low -- fixed
#161 Make texlive install more quickly. enhancement low installer wontfix
#184 CUPS should support zephyr notification of print job status defect low printing fixed
#196 squeeze+ releases should include deb60 sysnames defect low -- fixed
#201 DFS (Windows desktop) browsing through the GUI enhancement low -- fixed
#202 add -r misbehaves if you create another arch/foo while a locker is added defect low -- fixed
#210 Make Evolution work with Exchange enhancement low -- wontfix
#227 Improve semantics of attach/detach and add enhancement low -- fixed
#232 Provide a supportable Ubuntu configuration of TSM enhancement low -- wontfix
#268 debathena-moira-clients: missing manpages defect low policy violations fixed
#291 mail-icon-config should know about some common external mail providers enhancement low -- wontfix
#293 Decide what software should be on the Live CD enhancement low livecd fixed
#318 Extend nss-nonlocal to support whitelisting nonlocal groups and grplists andersk enhancement low -- fixed
#339 Build packages for Ubuntu's lpia architecture enhancement low development wontfix
#347 discuss uses obsolete AC_TYPE_SIGNAL defect low -- fixed
#353 tty mode login for clusters (a la Ctrl-P) enhancement low -- wontfix
#358 debathena-dns-config breaks networking when registration required defect low -- wontfix
#360 auto-update should clean up .debathena-orig.dpkg-new files defect low -- wontfix
#363 No tickets on login with identical passwords in debathan-login defect low -- wontfix
#364 Tab completion for athinfo enhancement low dotfiles fixed
#371 Graphical Installer should suggest use of athena username. xavid enhancement low livecd fixed
#381 people who try to disable bugme should not have athena accounts defect low -- wontfix
#383 config-package-dev quoting bug fails to disallow transformation of generated conffiles defect low -- fixed
#390 Figure out empathy support defect low -- worksforme
#424 network-manager-config should name the network "Auto MIT" defect low -- wontfix
#456 Maintainer for debathenified packages should be Debathena broder defect low -- fixed
#482 pyhesiodfs exception on install defect low -- fixed
#489 Follow up with NIST on getting the KDC upgraded to play nice with stock krb5-1.8 geofft task low -- duplicate
#539 Get rid of the debathena-dotfiles-x11 package task low -- fixed
#542 athinfo query for login status enhancement low -- fixed
#552 auto-update should set UCF_FORCE_CONFFNEW on -cluster defect low -- fixed
#559 Cluster machines should call for help defect low -- fixed
#566 lib32nss-nonlocal broken on squeeze andersk defect low -- fixed
#573 gdm-config undiverted xsplash and throbber incorrectly broder defect low -- fixed
#601 apparmor homedirs should include /afs/athena/user/*/*/ gdb defect low -- fixed
#603 edsc should deal with unexpected discuss errors defect low -- fixed
#612 adding "" on the login screen gives "Cannot contact the Athena login servers" defect low -- fixed
#613 recommend debathena-standard automatically if laptop-detect enhancement low installer fixed
#628 Use the default Xsession for kiosk mode enhancement low -- fixed
#634 daemon/ is not a real e-mail address defect low -- duplicate
#643 setup doesn’t work in tcsh spawned from bash defect low dotfiles worksforme
#673 Rebuild for Squeeze jdreed task low -- fixed
#677 [printing] 9050s rotate A4 documents defect low printing wontfix
#688 damove should accept multiple source packages enhancement low -- fixed
#696 Can't login without mouse defect low -- fixed
#743 auto-update should be less loud when kernel updates come out defect low -- wontfix
#802 Look at unattended-upgrades defect low -- duplicate
#808 athinfod should support packages adding their own queries enhancement low -- fixed
#820 debathena-metrics should only accept messages from the kernel defect low -- fixed
#827 Stop encouraging Acrobat as the preferred PDF reader enhancement low -- wontfix
#843 Non-cluster CUPS configs should distinguish real/fake Athena printers defect low -- wontfix
#858 discuss server gets random UID defect low -- wontfix
#862 Consider a whitelist equivalent for nobuild enhancement low -- duplicate
#871 lockers.7 is out of date kaduk defect low -- fixed
#898 discuss doesn't support building shared libraries enhancement low development duplicate
#949 edsc explodes on encountering old discussd defect low -- fixed
#961 Consider a better environment-filter for the login chroot enhancement low -- wontfix
#964 getcluster(1) is full of lies defect low -- fixed
#986 nss_nonlocal race condition andersk defect low paranoia fixed
#1034 Advocate for the death of the reg applet task low -- fixed
#1049 config-package-dev can’t transform non-conffiles files in Multi-Arch: same packages defect low -- fixed
#1051 Consider shipping the DKMS init script enhancement low -- invalid
#1122 debothena should reply all to CC'd zephyrs enhancement low -- fixed
#1150 dasource should refuse to work for "UNRELEASED" packages defect low -- fixed
#1216 Opt-in support for ssh -k / public keys on athena.dialup defect low linerva fixed
#1235 tellme's usage message should use basename $0 defect low -- fixed
#1325 Rewrite attachandrun in python enhancement low -- fixed
#1329 pyhesiod shouldn't log ERR lockers as unknown enhancement low linerva fixed
#1386 Consider some special-case ssh config for athena.dialup enhancement low -- fixed
#1408 python-hesiod gets ERR lockers wrong defect low -- fixed
#1419 python-discuss should not care about the case of hostnames in .meetings defect low -- fixed
#83 debathena-msmtp-mta should do local delivery for local users enhancement trivial -- fixed
#84 xdsc crashes on adding a meeting defect trivial -- fixed
#149 Add terminal launcher to GNOME panel enhancement trivial -- wontfix
#167 debathena-lert-server binds only to localhost defect trivial -- wontfix
#222 Package and install Citrix client on cluster machines enhancement trivial -- wontfix
#224 Cluster installer should check for sufficient disk space amb defect trivial installer fixed
#245 breaks 3partysw license managers defect trivial -- workaround
#267 debathena-finger: finger does not have its own manpage defect trivial -- wontfix
#271 debathena-pyhesiodfs: pyhesiodfs has no manpage defect trivial -- fixed
#280 Helpful bugme notifications enhancement trivial -- invalid
#290 Do something awesome with remctl enhancement trivial -- invalid
#355 pyhesiodfs logs every /mit/* symlink creation to syslog jdreed defect trivial -- fixed
#387 "chmod 755 ~" dialog should offer to do so for you enhancement trivial -- fixed
#389 LiveCD Windows app lacks Debathena branding enhancement trivial livecd wontfix
#409 ood-packages shouldn't require you to be debathena-root to work enhancement trivial -- wontfix
#416 reactivate's transform scripts never fail enhancement trivial -- fixed
#438 install MS Office on clusters enhancement trivial -- wontfix
#506 installing kerberos-config on a Karmic live cd confuses AppArmor defect trivial -- fixed
#544 metrics uninstalls only mostly cleanly enhancement trivial -- fixed
#550 Use dh_gconf instead of gconftool-2 in cluster-login-config enhancement trivial login chroot fixed
#565 We don't write maintainer scripts for the #PACKAGE# package defect trivial development fixed
#572 dacopy and daremove are different from reprepro {copy,remove} defect trivial development wontfix
#585 command-not-found should say "no really, cluster chroots rock" enhancement trivial -- fixed
#604 Send nmh-mbx_close.dpatch upstream task trivial upstream fixed
#655 remote syslog includes hostname twice defect trivial -- wontfix
#674 alpine renders html non-breaking space incorrectly defect trivial -- invalid
#690 debathena-nologin-monitor should display contents of /etc/nologin enhancement trivial -- invalid
#727 build-all: stamps directory should be less silly enhancement trivial development wontfix
#741 tab completion of printer names enhancement trivial printing wontfix
#748 two quota warnings, one saying that you're out of quota defect trivial -- fixed
#768 debathena-tellme should list usr/share/man/man1 in .dirs defect trivial -- fixed
#771 debathena-pyhesiodfs postinst is not idempotent defect trivial -- invalid
#776 Change debathena-metrics wrapper to use start-stop-daemon instead of daemon enhancement trivial -- duplicate
#790 /usr/share/recovery-mode/options/netroot is useless on cluster machines defect trivial -- wontfix
#861 Purging one arch of multiarch libnss-nonlocal deletes the magic users and groups too early andersk defect trivial -- fixed
#864 libgms' temporary cache doesn't exist defect trivial -- fixed
#908 accept hostnames instead of IP address in installer enhancement trivial -- duplicate
#927 No job control for rescue /bin/sh in PXE installer defect trivial -- fixed
#1031 gdm theme is suboptimal on multiple monitors jdreed defect trivial -- fixed
#1061 config-package-dev: undivert_unlink passes undivert_unlink_divert an extra argument defect trivial config-package-dev fixed
#1114 dsmail should default to -d defect trivial -- fixed
#1376 debathena-machtype should depend lsb-release for /usr/bin/lsb_release defect trivial -- fixed
#1453 locker-support's fsid doesn't like lockers that aren't listable defect trivial -- THERE IS NO BUG STOP REOPENING
#375 packages punted from live CD are also punted from installed system xavid defect insignificant livecd wontfix
#568 mit-lp isn't lp defect insignificant printing invalid
#575 add NextBus data to xcluster enhancement insignificant -- wontfix
#576 add Stata to xcluster defect insignificant -- wontfix
#700 debothena should run somewhere else enhancement insignificant -- fixed
#714 and Firefox warn-on-redirect don't work well defect insignificant upstream wontfix
#745 Manpage for moira(1) doesn't list stanley et al enhancement insignificant -- fixed
#997 Better dual monitor support out of the box enhancement insignificant -- fixed
#1048 Consider moving back to dm/xlogin defect insignificant -- invalid

Status: new (324 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1370 Track down and file OpenAFS/apparmor bugs task high --
#81 Cron job to check for changed upstream versions of diverted conffiles enhancement normal development
#117 debathena-workstation should notify on remote root logins enhancement normal --
#200 Investigate moving to LDAP for user management defect normal --
#258 split out pyhesiodfs from debathena pyhesiodfs configuration task normal --
#276 Shouldn’t accept Kerberos passwords for local users without username@ATHENA.MIT.EDU in .k5login defect normal --
#366 moira disagrees with glibc’s nss_hesiod about grplist format defect normal --
#450 spread the gospel of Debathena packaging task normal --
#462 Run the entire cluster environment in a chroot enhancement normal --
#463 Pay attention to the state of union mounts and overlayfs enhancement normal login chroot
#486 Write a caching NSS module task normal --
#530 su/sudo shouldn't break if you lose network defect normal --
#578 We need a better plan for manual-config defect normal development
#583 pyhesiodfs should know how to fallback to lower-priority lockers defect normal --
#620 Build and package a zlogger for Debathena enhancement normal --
#712 We need a way to show ~/.xsession-errors to the user enhancement normal --
#731 update-manager should warn that third-party sources may not support the new distro enhancement normal --
#734 task normal website
#735 make a Dropbox installer enhancement normal --
#773 create task normal website
#777 De-serialize the login process defect normal login chroot
#787 GSSAPIKeyExchange causes delays when sshing to non-MIT servers defect normal --
#803 renew shouldn't be implemented as a shell function enhancement normal --
#815 Don't let auto-update use more CPU than the minimum it can get away with enhancement normal --
#867 config-package-dev should be smart enough to undivert and unremove automatically enhancement normal config-package-dev
#890 Adobe Reader uses lpr, not lp enhancement normal --
#900 Parallel builds of discuss can fail due to unsafe Makefile defect normal --
#902 Find a good way to deploy unpackaged software enhancement normal --
#912 Clean up and release build infrastructure (/mit/debathena/bin) enhancement normal --
#916 debathena-moira-passwd-config should have a man page for chfn defect normal --
#933 Update libraries to support multiarch enhancement normal --
#939 Dialups should run zwgc enhancement normal --
#942 Monolithic apparmor-config is stupid enhancement normal --
#943 GRUB menu option to run the installer enhancement normal --
#947 firefox-wrapper should not be arch-dependent enhancement normal --
#960 Make the stage1 iPXE instead of Linux enhancement normal --
#970 athena-auto-update should consider mailing root when SKIP_REBOOT=y defect normal --
#981 ubuntu doesn't like using the same home directory on multiple monitors enhancement normal --
#990 consider using grub-efi defect normal --
#1000 login chroots should support SSH sessions via containers enhancement normal --
#1015 Disable-GSSAPI hack does not apply to `start ssh` defect normal --
#1018 Good UI for passing print jobs off to someone else defect normal --
#1029 Consider making reprepro not delete unreferenced files immediately defect normal development
#1030 Trouble saving global monitor state from an AFS account defect normal --
#1033 Switch to Chrome for Kiosk mode enhancement normal --
#1039 login-graphical probably doesn't support GNOME 3 at all enhancement normal --
#1056 DEB_UNDIVERT_FILES should clean up .debathena conffiles defect normal config-package-dev
#1071 Eliminate code duplication between installer and athena-renumber enhancement normal --
#1075 Trac should support security-sensitive tickets enhancement normal --
#1078 debathena-firefox-wrapper clashes with iceweasel/firefox-esr's diversions defect normal --
#1079 iceweasel wrapper should launch iceweasel, not firefox defect normal --
#1082 Debian's and Ubuntu's gdms differ about updating .dmrc task normal --
#1083 CertAid for Linux enhancement normal --
#1087 pam_mitsecure enhancement normal --
#1101 Grand plan for fixing build-all and da and sbuildhack enhancement normal development
#1112 reset nondefault session choice defect normal --
#1123 gnome-keyring is not updated when password changes defect normal --
#1124 Move to Demeter task normal --
#1159 do-build doesn't honor the new nobuild status defect normal --
#1160 do-build should zephyr enhancement normal --
#1169 "Printer may not be connected" is annoying defect normal --
#1172 reactivate: alsa-utils initscript is gone in Natty defect normal --
#1176 Story for screen on the dialups task normal linerva
#1179 TracZephyrPlugin should send linerva tickets to -c linerva task normal linerva
#1187 Work with alexp to convert 3partysw launch scripts to Perl 5 defect normal --
#1194 Stop debathenifying nmh by December 2013 task normal --
#1195 ssh to fails when keytab obtained doesn't match ssh machine defect normal linerva
#1197 Make linerva-shellinabox-config part of Debathena task normal linerva
#1209 Firefox does not print headers/footers on pages defect normal --
#1211 SapGUI doesn't work on precise defect normal --
#1212 Linerva (and other dialups) should run identd defect normal linerva
#1228 Evolution handles migration poorly defect normal --
#1232 Consider a "content filter" for kiosk browsing enhancement normal --
#1248 debathena-lightdm-greeter should use less CPU defect normal --
#1251 Consider rebooting podium workstations nightly defect normal --
#1254 Get rid of stacked diversions in cluster-login-config defect normal --
#1256 dialups should have per-user /tmp enhancement normal linerva
#1257 debathena-msmtp should check non-default subcaches in a DIR ccache defect normal mail
#1262 lightdm has no gir bindings in Wheezy defect normal --
#1264 Figure out why we have so many processes defect normal linerva
#1275 build-server infrastructure should not be arch dependent defect normal --
#1278 The debathena website's RewriteRules are stupid and needlessly complicated defect normal --
#1280 msmtp should automatically fallback to unauth for system accounts defect normal --
#1282 Dell 7010 DVI-I stupidity defect normal --
#1285 Deny login until a maintainer enables it enhancement normal linerva
#1290 Put tmux in extra-software enhancement normal --
#1292 "GNOME with XMonad" is broken defect normal --
#1304 Cleanup /mit/debathena/packages task normal --
#1307 Acrobat Reader should be registered as an opener for pdf files defect normal --
#1312 Convert c-p-d packages to Debhelper defect normal --
#1317 Kill ancient transitional packages defect normal --
#1323 Better login debugging defect normal --
#1324 gdm-config and xsession are hopeless intertwined defect normal --
#1330 dh-buildinfo considered harmful jdreed defect normal --
#1344 wheezy workstation install fails due to debathena-extra-software package defect normal --
#1346 Move doc to the attic defect normal --
#1354 config-package-dev: Add Built-Using field to binary packages involving transforms geofft enhancement normal config-package-dev
#1355 config-package-dev: Provide Lintian checks enhancement normal config-package-dev
#1357 package the Scripts apache modules enhancement normal --
#1360 Convert everything to automake achernya defect normal --
#1361 Ship python-zephyr defect normal --
#1365 shellinabox should set HSTS flag enhancement normal linerva
#1367 Consider archiving old releases defect normal --
#1368 polkit is dumb on cluster machines defect normal --
#1369 Start shipping zsh in debathena-standard and up enhancement normal development
#1371 Kill off /bin/athena defect normal --
#1372 WebAthena'ized SIAB enhancement normal linerva
#1373 Re-imagine quickstations task normal --
#1375 Genericize our repo management tools enhancement normal --
#1381 Attempt to pretend to support Raspbian enhancement normal --
#1382 qy(1) needs a man page defect normal --
#1383 Consider using --fail-missing enhancement normal --
#1384 Disable DNS canonicalization for Kerberos defect normal --
#1391 Flatten /mit/debathena/packages hierarchy task normal --
#1392 add should tell you if the locker isn't available defect normal --
#1396 User-friendly front-end for Trac for bug reporting and enhancements enhancement normal --
#1399 /usr/prototype_user/welcome shouldn't reference N42 defect normal --
#1405 Clean up the APT repository task normal --
#1407 Split and kill off the scripts repository task normal --
#1410 Add python-moira to debathena-standard enhancement normal --
#1412 Write a script to examine our dependencies task normal --
#1413 rngd isn't running on Linerva defect normal linerva
#1431 Replace delete(1) with Python code task normal --
#1433 attachandrun should use athdir python module defect normal --
#1437 Investigate mailquota support for Exchange defect normal --
#1439 Take Anders' patches for python-afs task normal --
#1446 debathena-ssh-server-config breaks on systemd defect normal --
#1467 Blacklist vgab16fb because VTs during the install are painfully slow enhancement normal --
#1471 pidgin doesn't work on the dialups defect normal --
#1472 debathena-debian-dev depends on dpatch; identify and kill old packages. task normal --
#1474 Git hooks are too verbose task normal --
#1475 phase2 installer should not assume netcfg values are strings defect normal --
#1476 installer should decouple "unattended" from "cluster" enhancement normal --
#1479 unity's lock screen doesn't respect gsettings defect normal --
#1480 Trusty (login-graphical) machien gets postfix rather than debathena-msmtp-mta defect normal --
#1487 Consider a single location for version history enhancement normal --
#1493 config-package-dev should always generate a "diverted-files" substvar, even if empty defect normal --
#1495 authwatch spawns its own dbus defect normal --
#1496 General improvements for machtype enhancement normal --
#1511 Consider changing scratch space on cluster enhancement normal --
#1518 Investigate using lightdm's guest session for awesome task normal --
#1521 get_message's man page vanished in the Python transition defect normal --
#1522 athinfo lspci query should exist enhancement normal --
#1526 consider adding a "common" or "share" sysname enhancement normal --
#1528 auto-update should log every single invocation enhancement normal --
#1529 debathena-lightdm-greeter should check login inhibition before launching the session defect normal --
#1530 Clean up debathena-xsession and kill off "login without customizations" defect normal --
#1533 MH gets the From line wrong in Trusty defect normal --
#1539 locker-support's mountpoint mismatch warnings are formatted wrong defect normal --
#1540 add/athdir should tell you if the locker is too old enhancement normal --
#1542 consider adding texmaker to extra-software defect normal --
#1544 Can't open signed PDFs in acroread with AFS homedir defect normal --
#1545 sleep machines for power savings enhancement normal --
#1546 goa-daemon segfaults when tickets are renewed defect normal --
#1547 get_message should handle IOError gracefully defect normal --
#1557 if-up.d script disappeared from debathena-zephyr-config defect normal --
#1560 consider adding the i3 window manager to clusters defect normal --
#1563 /var/tmp is not cleared at Logout defect normal --
#1564 debathena-apparmor-config fails to install on a pristine system that has never installed ntp. defect normal --
#1566 Enable H.264 HTML5 playback for Firefox on cluster machines via gstreamer defect normal --
#1567 config-package-dev: Document licensing of generated output enhancement normal config-package-dev
#1577 (python) undelete fails with full path defect normal --
#1578 Let athinfod use systemd socket activation instead of inetd enhancement normal --
#1580 Failing moira commands should exit with nonzero status defect normal --
#1584 debathena-delete barfs if AFS isn't enabled in kernel defect normal --
#1586 Update debathena-recovery-mode-config for split defect normal --
#1587 Update installer for split defect normal installer
#1588 attach should exit non-zero on failure defect normal --
#1589 get_message should exit gracefully with empty cache defect normal dotfiles
#1591 debathena-archive-keyring uses apt-key without depending on gnupg or gnupg2 defect normal --
#1592 Integrate with the new sssd KCM enhancement normal --
#1593 debathena-apparmor-config fails to install on pristine artful system defect normal --
#1595 debathena-kerberos-config shouldn’t require ntp when systemd-timesyncd is installed bbaren defect normal --
#1598 debathena-lightdm-config FTBFS on xenial defect normal --
#1599 debathena-nmh-config should set 'localname:' in /etc/nmh/mts.conf defect normal --
#1600 debathena-apparmor-config postinst interaction with apparmor incomplete defect normal --
#1601 buster: debathena-cupsys-config fails to install Pharos printers defect normal printing
#1602 buster: debathena-archive-keyring uses apt-key without depending on gnupg/gnupg2 defect normal --
#1603 buster: python-afs (and, perforce, pyhesiodfs) is still broken defect normal --
#1604 discuss-emacs is broken defect normal --
#1605 Debathena python packages must depend on 'python2 'instead of 'python' or be ported to python3 defect normal --
#1606 focal: python-kerberos (for python2) no longer in distribution defect normal --
#116 Hook whichlocker into command-not-found enhancement low --
#185 Install pkg-create-dbgsym in build chroots enhancement low development
#203 Common window managers in extra-software-nox enhancement low --
#217 athena-auto-update should use flock(1) defect low --
#299 groups 101 and 1000 should be less silly enhancement low --
#300 pts-aware ls enhancement low --
#302 Write zephyr notification hook for apt repo enhancement low development
#328 Investigate power management in clusters enhancement low --
#331 /package-list/proposed should include debdiffs enhancement low development
#365 do-release-upgrade should check installability of Debathena enhancement low --
#373 figure out how to tell apt to reattempt to satisfy recommendations enhancement low --
#415 Write authenticator daemon to conspire with PyHesiodFS to get tokens enhancement low --
#422 alpine doesn't respect $ATHENA_USER for sender defect low mail
#439 Generate command-not-found database for Debathena enhancement low --
#454 warn that changing root's password on clusters is pointless enhancement low --
#472 pyhesiodfs should use Python-Depends for dependencies on other Python modules defect low --
#474 debathena-thunderbird-config should configure newsgroups enhancement low --
#490 set $ATHENA_USER everywhere enhancement low --
#519 mention access control docs at end of enhancement low --
#523 Restore GUI browsing of course lockers enhancement low --
#525 tty logins sometimes leak according to finger defect low --
#551 Package sections don't line up with svn organization defect low development
#553 Don't set ATHENA_USER=$USER if user isn't in nss-nonlocal-users defect low dotfiles
#555 Separation of cluster-login-config and reactivate is silly enhancement low login chroot
#560 Add Vcs-*: fields to packages lexrj enhancement low development
#569 renew(1) is out of date and in the wrong package defect low dotfiles
#593 Put fsr in the release enhancement low --
#595 bash-config and tcsh-config should no longer depend zephyr-config defect low dotfiles
#596 ssh-server-config should depend kerberos-config defect low --
#598 .logout not executed on a graphical login defect low --
#614 Apparently Update Manager pops up during the Debathena install? defect low installer
#623 re-use PXE boot DHCP lease in installer enhancement low --
#630 Firefox gives confusing dialog if tokens expired defect low --
#635 we need a login process profiler enhancement low --
#644 Migrate back from ~/.gconf-debathena-* to ~/.gconf enhancement low --
#645 Evolution wrapper lacks a man page defect low --
#662 matlab from "MIT Software" does work, but hackishly defect low --
#668 Come up with an authenticated upgrade path enhancement low --
#671 integration tests for debathena-printing-config enhancement low printing
#676 athinfo's timeout option should only affect the establishment of a connection defect low --
#687 Clean up the debathena locker task low --
#705 Condense common GDM applet Python code enhancement low --
#707 Inform the user that we're trying to log them in enhancement low --
#723 debathena-discuss-server should symlink /usr/spool to /var/spool defect low --
#726 dareprepro should use a global lock enhancement low development
#754 save-cluster-info needs a manpage defect low --
#762 Add keyctl to Debathena enhancement low --
#781 Provide a USB installer enhancement low --
#786 usernames with trailing underscores should lose less loudly defect low --
#799 Provide a configuration package for exim4 or postfix enhancement low --
#809 Upgrade build chroots weekly enhancement low --
#823 update-notifier is annoying enhancement low --
#828 athena-auto-upgrade should use https to fetch components defect low paranoia
#833 ctime no longer accurate in defect low development
#837 /usr/lib/init/quotawarn fails for people with <100M quotas defect low --
#839 Consider splitting c-l-c into smaller packages enhancement low --
#854 debathena-msmtp should sanity-check principal before setting from defect low --
#868 deal better with overly fancy PDFs defect low --
#870 save-cluster-info lacks a man page defect low --
#891 Consider setting Lynx' STARTFILE to something less stupid defect low --
#892 Consider adding a web page to walk people through c-p-d examples enhancement low --
#926 install doesn't prompt for installing debathena-thirdparty defect low installer
#950 Thunderbird autoconfig could deal with mailing list aliases enhancement low --
#955 Installer should fetch its idea of supported releases from the network enhancement low --
#959 debathena-msmtp ought to queue defect low --
#972 Installer should make sure you've got linux-headers matching linux-image enhancement low --
#983 Natty's d-i progress bar sometimes vanishes defect low --
#1001 Use Intel TXT for remote validation of clusters enhancement low --
#1002 Hostname is in upper case now defect low --
#1014 Inventory things necessary to switch to another distro task low --
#1023 debathena-cluster should check for dual-boot and yell loudly enhancement low --
#1069 recovery-mode-config does not downcase hostnames defect low --
#1081 Test case for PDF that fails with Evince but succeeds with Acrobat defect low --
#1100 consider doing something more useful with /etc/athena/version task low --
#1104 quota’s configure should detect the need for -D_LINUX_QUOTA_VERSION=1 defect low --
#1106 debathena-gdm-config background doesn't show up in GNOME 3 defect low --
#1108 Use msmtp 1.4.25 alias expansion enhancement low mail
#1119 athinfod, discuss, and cview don't clean up /etc/services on uninstallation enhancement low --
#1120 switch to /run task low --
#1132 system:anyuser probably shouldn't have list permissions on ~/.gnupg defect low --
#1174 zenity dialogs are stupidly large with multi-line messages unless you pass --no-wrap defect low --
#1182 oom_adj is deprecated as of natty defect low --
#1185 Chromium needs the equivalent of firefox-extension, maybe enhancement low --
#1269 Better disk failure detection in the installer enhancement low --
#1272 debathena-msmtp should use SSL enhancement low mail
#1279 is broken defect low --
#1306 dh_configpackage still has some mentions of 'divert' defect low --
#1326 Migrate athinfo from autoconf to distutils enhancement low --
#1338 Binary packages’ source headers should point to untagged versions enhancement low --
#1341 Consider postponing updates if / is full enhancement low --
#1353 Stop modifying /etc/services defect low --
#1364 athinfo query for idle time enhancement low --
#1366 screensaver logout should be even more insistent defect low --
#1390 Deprecate xlock enhancement low --
#1443 athena-auto-update should check for being unable to acquire the apt lock defect low --
#1477 /etc/network/if-up.d/debathena-zephyr-config should use invoke-rc.d enhancement low --
#1484 zwgc font problems without xfonts-75dpi defect low --
#1488 quotawarn doesn't handle mailquota's output defect low --
#1502 More verbose error handling in dabuildsys enhancement low --
#1503 dabuildsys should accept both package names and directory names enhancement low --
#1565 CSAIL CA in debathena-ssl-certificates expired in 2012 defect low --
#1572 afs.fs.inafs doesn't handle AFS not running defect low --
#1585 MH: post/spost infinite loop in 16.04 (xenial) defect low --
#70 Build shared libraries for lib{dsk,gms,usp,Xj} defect trivial --
#162 Disable GNOME keyring prompt on SSH defect trivial --
#183 config packages should Enhance packages they configure enhancement trivial development
#221 Replace the default zephyr client with something libnotify-based enhancement trivial --
#228 add should extend the environment a lot more than it currently does enhancement trivial --
#466 xmailmaint should know about Mailman lists enhancement trivial --
#471 tell people with split mail and full MIT inboxes that they're wrong enhancement trivial --
#577 Rewrite xcluster in python or something enhancement trivial --
#594 bash-config and tcsh-config leaks shell variables defect trivial dotfiles
#616 Don't use daemon(1) in debathena-metrics defect trivial --
#629 discuss should respect $PAGER enhancement trivial --
#631 packages should not list their Section: as (implicitly) main defect trivial development
#633 Can we use the "metapackages" archive section for awesome? enhancement trivial --
#641 Enhance athinfo with a "long" or "human readable" flag for queries enhancement trivial --
#724 moira-gui, nautilus-afs should follow HIG window layout guidelines defect trivial --
#738 Lower -clients dependency on -nmh-config to recommends defect trivial mail
#744 Make Linux AFS able to work with union mounts enhancement trivial login chroot
#789 client mail logs are sometimes desirable enhancement trivial mail
#852 Package the FF extension for non-Athena users defect trivial --
#887 Support ‘apt-get changelog’ enhancement trivial --
#919 Thunderbird autoconfig does the wrong thing with moira lists enhancement trivial --
#936 config-package-dev should install Lintian override for package-contains-empty-directory for DEB_REMOVE_FILES defect trivial config-package-dev
#1095 -c filsrv has been broken because we failed to uncomment initprogs in zephyr.vars defect trivial --
#1556 debathena-plymouth-config does nothing on Debian defect trivial --
#1590 /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/discuss-ng is only loaded dynamically on nonexistent discuss-ng command defect trivial --
#377 ^C confuses discuss in the middle of a too-long listing defect insignificant --
#591 Deleted transactions at the end of a discuss meeting can't be found mitchb defect insignificant --
#752 Debothena should respond to Rebecca commands enhancement insignificant --
#780 gdm-config/debian/rules is quite ill-fitted for building a source package defect insignificant --
#885 Rebuild and package kerberometer enhancement insignificant --
#938 zwrite should whine at you if you're not subbed enhancement insignificant --
#1073 getent passwd_nonlocal should work enhancement insignificant --
#1202 nss_nonlocal: Support initgroups database? enhancement insignificant --
#1300 Ship pymoira and mrtools with Debathena enhancement insignificant --
#1302 config-package-dev uses deprecated --control-path option to dpkg-query defect insignificant config-package-dev
#1504 superrepro has path inconsistencies defect insignificant --
#1594 Set Multi-Arch: foreign on all Architecture: all packages defect insignificant --
#772 unbreak NFS lockers geofft defect geofft --
#795 map for Nagios enhancement geofft --

Status: reopened (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#86 firefox-extension should install CRL enhancement normal --
#1077 quota(1) is stupid in the pyhesiodfs world defect normal --
#1091 Install rubber in extra-software or something enhancement normal --
#55 Package matlab for debathena enhancement low --
#123 debathena-ssl-certificates should include a CRL defect low --
#338 Consider desupporting more older sysnames defect low --
#869 SSL for mitmail* enhancement low --
#152 debathena-cluster (and -workstation) should enable popcon enhancement trivial --
#524 GUI for print job removal enhancement trivial --

Status: review (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1524 Disable cups browsing defect normal --
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