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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#849 update_server should write out a pidfile jdreed enhancement low --
#1236 Move bugme timer to the bottom right lfaraone enhancement normal --
#1388 Clean up our fork of krbdev-services jdreed task normal --

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#588 automated install tests wpreston defect normal --

Status: closed (91 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#372 debathena-thirdparty prevents install of newer, conflicting package versions defect normal -- workaround
#725 do-build: package uploads and downloads should share a lock jdreed defect normal documentation worksforme
#765 Convert moira to dh7 and cleanup moira-clients rules file defect blocker -- fixed
#931 Try and reduce dependence on ia32-libs geofft defect blocker -- fixed
#1012 Clean up old kernels in /boot defect blocker -- fixed
#1025 Nothing should recommend/depend msmtp-mta; installer should deal defect normal -- fixed
#1036 The apt_release clusterinfo tag is Wrong(tm) jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#1037 getcluster(1) should quote its shell output defect normal -- fixed
#1107 Thunderbird syncs entire Inbox locally by default defect normal -- fixed
#1131 NM/dnsmasq possibly makes debathena-dns-config obsolete defect normal -- fixed
#1154 Setting EDITOR=emacs by default is stupid in 2012 defect normal -- wontfix
#1166 debathena-dns-config doesn't configure resolv.conf to use jdreed defect normal -- wontfix
#1170 lightdm should wait for AFS to come up defect high -- fixed
#1204 libathdir is horribly wrong defect normal -- fixed
#1220 Better network recovery in stage 2 installer defect normal -- invalid
#1238 Support for Unity and Upstart user sessions defect blocker -- fixed
#1246 Stop setting embedded_keyboard_command in c-l-c defect normal -- fixed
#1247 debathena-lightdm-greeter doesn't explicitly position background window defect normal -- fixed
#1255 Add ibus-anthy defect normal -- fixed
#1268 Stop buildling for hardy and natty defect normal -- fixed
#1271 mitprint local pharos queue occasionally gets stuck defect high printing fixed
#1273 cluster-login-config fails to build on quantal defect normal -- invalid
#1276 debathena-metrics is broken (again) defect high -- fixed
#1283 Lucid cannot upgrade to Precise jdreed defect blocker -- fixed
#1284 Ringtail build defect normal -- invalid
#1303 ia32-libs wants to remove the quantal HWE xorg packages defect high -- fixed
#1310 Lucid can't upgrade to Precise if language-support-input-ko is installed defect blocker -- fixed
#1315 lightdm-config should reload upstart config after diverting an upstart job defect normal -- fixed
#1318 config-package-dev 5.0 does not work with transform sources defect blocker -- fixed
#1335 Remove dent and just/fill defect normal -- fixed
#1337 Fix machtype version skew defect high -- fixed
#1339 nautilus-afs doesn't reset the "Entity" combobox after 'Cancel' defect normal -- fixed
#1363 Re-import moira to pick up new firewall changes defect normal -- fixed
#1378 OpenAFS doesn't work with 3.8 (linux-lts-raring) defect blocker -- duplicate
#1385 Build scripts still assume svn defect blocker -- fixed
#1406 liblocker does not build with current packaging defect blocker -- wontfix
#1409 python-hesiod should be agnostic to filsys types defect normal -- fixed
#1421 Add packages to thirdparty defect normal -- fixed
#1436 Update krb5.conf to include domain mapping for EXCHANGE defect normal -- fixed
#1441 Make /mit/debathena/apt/db world-readable defect normal -- fixed
#1442 syncupdate has no reason to exist defect normal development duplicate
#1445 does not support -n defect blocker -- fixed
#1448 debathena-apparmor-config FTBFS on trusty defect blocker -- fixed
#1449 python-discuss should actually install /etc/discuss directory defect high -- fixed
#1451 Symlink /usr/share/libctl3 to libctl defect high -- fixed
#1454 locker-support's athdir does not set exit status defect normal -- fixed
#1461 auto-update shouldn't run update-hook out of /var/run defect normal -- fixed
#1463 getcluster prints a traceback on a bad version number defect low -- fixed
#1465 add messes up local paths defect high -- fixed
#1468 devscripts-el cannot be installed in the same transaction as emacs defect high -- fixed
#1478 policy-rc.d in reactivate gets scribbled over by d-i, and is also obsolete defect blocker -- fixed
#1481 Unity puts non-ephemeral data in XDG_CACHE_HOME defect normal -- fixed
#1482 Update getty.debathena for logind defect normal -- fixed
#1489 dconf-config sticks around after an uninstall defect normal -- fixed
#1492 debathena-cupsys-config's init script fights with Upstart in Trusty defect normal -- fixed
#1494 machtype on trusty is wrong defect blocker -- fixed
#1512 Disable the stupid GRUB diskfilter error message defect normal -- fixed
#1532 Add alex to debathena-thirdparty defect normal -- fixed
#1550 Disable whoopsie/apport on cluster machines defect normal -- fixed
#286 some equivalent of console in this brave new world quentin enhancement low dotfiles wontfix
#395 Ability to set AFS permissions from Nautilus jdreed enhancement normal -- fixed
#479 DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive is Wrong enhancement low -- fixed
#561 DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_DEBIAN_CONTROL also displeases mortals broder enhancement low -- fixed
#905 Investigate fglrx enhancement normal -- ignored
#1156 Entirely new thirdparty infrastructure bbaren enhancement high -- fixed
#1192 ipython missing in debathena-precise-cluster enhancement normal -- fixed
#1305 auto-upgrade should support re-installation enhancement normal -- fixed
#1395 Add coq, coqide and proofgeneral for 6.820 enhancement high -- fixed
#1527 Add python-pyaudio to -thirdparty enhancement normal -- fixed
#1534 Add libnspr4:i386 to -libraries enhancement normal -- fixed
#1551 additional packages for debathena-thirdparty alexp enhancement normal -- fixed
#1558 request to install openfoam, paraviewopenfoam in debathena Trusty release enhancement normal -- fixed
#1561 Make reactivate.log available by athinfo enhancement blocker -- fixed
#374 clean up redundancies in debathena-thirdparty kaduk task low -- fixed
#476 Follow-up with Kernel on ENOEXEC/ENOENT for libc5 binaries jdreed task normal -- fixed
#582 Reexamine debathena-athena-libraries task trivial -- fixed
#1021 KIll off LPRng jdreed task normal -- fixed
#1148 Bump PXE server to Precise pending HW support jdreed task normal -- fixed
#1193 inc.debathena should tell users they're Wrong(tm) task normal -- fixed
#1333 Stop building for Oneiric task normal -- fixed
#1334 Remove gathlogout task normal -- fixed
#1348 Build for jessie jdreed task normal -- fixed
#1349 Rebuild debathena-machtype for jessie task normal -- fixed
#1398 Separate scripts/build-server and scripts/installer into separate repos task normal -- fixed
#1402 Build for saucy jdreed task high -- fixed
#1428 Build for trusty vasilvv task high -- fixed
#1429 Stop building for Squeeze and Lucid task normal -- fixed
#1430 Stop building for Squeeze and Lucid task normal -- duplicate
#1462 Punt debathena-build-depends task normal -- fixed
#1537 Build for utopic task normal -- fixed
#1538 Kill maverick and oneric sysnames task normal -- fixed

Status: committed (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#1239 stage1 installer shouldn't assume eth0 defect high --

Status: new (45 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#589 automated upgrade tests defect normal --
#1028 Deny logins if machtype -L != debathena-cluster but Hesiod cluster=cluster defect normal --
#1094 Quickstation users shouldn't lock screens defect normal --
#1162 dconf mmaps files in ~/.cache defect normal --
#1165 Remove pam KRB5CCNAME hack defect normal --
#1233 Resize grips in Metacity on Precise are 1px defect normal --
#1243 Blacklist pulseaudio in dbus helper? defect normal --
#1244 bugme should be even more annoying defect normal --
#1252 come up with coherent plan for GUI mail clients defect normal --
#1263 Get rid of /usr/athena defect normal --
#1309 Automatically test whether OpenAFS compiles against the rolling PPA defect normal --
#1336 openafs doesn't contain libkopenafs in lucid, squeeze defect normal --
#1340 gconfd-2-wrapper hasn't worked since Natty defect normal --
#1342 Mutt "record" option incorrect for Exchange users defect normal --
#1359 debathena-lightdm-greeter should support password expiration defect normal --
#1362 maintainer script function names wrong in c-p-d 5.x defect low config-package-dev
#1379 Deactivated users should get a sensible error message defect normal --
#1403 make-chroot needs to create policy-rc.d first jdreed defect high --
#1434 libmail-expandaliases-perl went missing from superrepository defect normal --
#1440 debathena-locker-support attempts to symlink NFS lockers defect normal --
#1469 debathena-discuss-emacs needs to comply with new emacs policy defect normal --
#1491 Restore PDF printing in Firefox defect normal --
#1497 debathena-inhibit-dbus-helper file handled badly defect normal --
#1531 bash-config diverts a non-managed file defect high --
#1536 firefox wrapper complains about corrupt profile defect normal --
#1573 /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90qt-a11y causing gsettings to become a zombie process. wpreston defect normal --
#133 debathena-zephyr-config should kill off zhm initscript enhancement normal --
#410 We need a public workstation verification script enhancement normal --
#425 switch to pacmd for muting sound on cluster machines enhancement low --
#632 use DEP-5 debian/copyright format enhancement low --
#761 have a system to install packages at login enhancement normal --
#840 Phase out the auto-updater on -workstation in favor of unattended upgrades enhancement normal --
#954 machtype -L should not use dpkg-query enhancement normal --
#1080 installer should ask "What is your Athena username?" enhancement normal --
#1208 Some sort of run-once mechanism to stop people from hammering on Dock icons enhancement normal --
#1250 Please install XFCE on the clusters enhancement normal development
#1294 See if Upstart user sessions can eventually be used for awesome enhancement low --
#1314 debathena-dns-config should provide a DNSSEC-validating resolver enhancement high paranoia
#1350 Greeter screensaver customization enhancement normal --
#1400 Make debathena compatible with non-x86 Debian ports enhancement normal --
#1517 Ship a postfix config enhancement high --
#1152 Deal with Secure Boot on Windows 8-era hardware task high --
#1320 Punt snippets from maintainer scripts task normal --
#1321 Kill old-gdm with fire task normal --
#1397 Create Git repository management scripts vasilvv task normal --

Status: review (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Resolution
#702 installer should use debconf enhancement normal installer
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