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#512 sftp subsystem should not return stdout/stderr from dotfiles jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#656 clusters should provide more local disk jdreed defect normal login chroot fixed
#684 cluster-login-config does not correctly disable suspend and hibernate defect normal -- fixed
#692 icedtea6-plugin doesn't get installed on -workstation defect high -- fixed
#698 New users are ending up with corrupted FF profiles jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#719 Passing invalid arguments to printing-config wrappers causes traceback defect normal -- fixed
#736 cluster installer prompts for VG overwrite when installing on a completely empty disk jdreed defect high installer fixed
#801 warning on the login screen if essential local services are down defect high -- fixed
#812 gdm applets steal focus from login window defect low -- fixed
#832 auto-updater should conditionally display progress on stdout defect normal -- fixed
#838 libpam_debathena_home_type should not rely on return value of fs whichcell defect normal -- fixed
#846 Increase installer DHCP timeout for slow networks amb defect normal -- fixed
#848 The major metapackages should stop being equivs packages jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#853 Support natty in machtype rules defect normal -- fixed
#863 Deploy to the cluster machines jdreed defect high -- fixed
#872 reactivate needs to recreate /etc/nologin symlink each time the snapshot is created defect high -- wontfix
#879 athinfod on cluster should be able to read basic logs defect normal -- fixed
#897 PXE installer sets non-cluster hostnames to install-target-host jdreed defect high -- fixed
#904 Installer bootstrapping stuff should be at least Maverick jdreed defect high -- fixed
#909 athinfo.defs shouldn't test files before cat'ing them defect normal -- fixed
#915 gconf key no longer disables face browser defect high -- worksforme
#924 Support Natty via PXE installs jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#928 cluster logins don't get tokens (and fail) on natty defect blocker -- fixed
#929 larvnet-wrapper maybe fails on natty cluster jdreed defect high -- fixed
#965 athena-auto-upgrade should pass the full netcfg info jdreed defect normal -- fixed
#243 openafs support should take advantage of dkms lizdenys enhancement blocker -- fixed
#622 PXE installer should accept a hostname in addition to an IP address jdreed enhancement trivial -- fixed
#800 PXE installer should inform users that it's installing amb enhancement low -- fixed
#822 Repoint zulu's approx at and/or punt approx enhancement high -- wontfix
#392 test current LDAP clients (address books) against ldap-too jdreed task high -- fixed
#850 Figure out what to do about Unity jdreed task blocker -- fixed
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