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#641 Enhance athinfo with a "long" or "human readable" flag for queries hackathon new enhancement trivial
#691 Debug GTK+ printing authentication issues and fix them hackathon new task trivial
#140 Screen saver doesn't say how long you've been idle hackathon accepted jdreed defect low
#474 debathena-thunderbird-config should configure newsgroups hackathon new enhancement low
#523 Restore GUI browsing of course lockers hackathon new enhancement low
#649 Installer should offer to change your apt repo to hackathon assigned witchakk enhancement low
#705 Condense common GDM applet Python code hackathon new enhancement low
#870 save-cluster-info lacks a man page hackathon newbie new defect low
#1279 is broken hackathon new defect low
#410 We need a public workstation verification script hackathon new enhancement normal
#620 Build and package a zlogger for Debathena hackathon new enhancement normal
#735 make a Dropbox installer hackathon new enhancement normal
#840 Phase out the auto-updater on -workstation in favor of unattended upgrades hackathon new enhancement normal
#1000 login chroots should support SSH sessions via containers hackathon new enhancement normal
#1018 Good UI for passing print jobs off to someone else hackathon new defect normal
#1176 Story for screen on the dialups transition, hackathon new task normal
#1261 Inactive SIAB sessions should get cleaned up hackathon, c new defect normal
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