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#1152 Deal with Secure Boot on Windows 8-era hardware new task high Current Semester
#1314 debathena-dns-config should provide a DNSSEC-validating resolver new enhancement high Current Semester
#1446 debathena-ssh-server-config breaks on systemd new defect normal The Distant Future
#1197 Make linerva-shellinabox-config part of Debathena new task normal The Distant Future
#1346 Move doc to the attic new defect normal The Distant Future
#1336 openafs doesn't contain libkopenafs in lucid, squeeze new defect normal Current Semester
#900 Parallel builds of discuss can fail due to unsafe Makefile new defect normal The Distant Future
#1250 Please install XFCE on the clusters new enhancement normal Current Semester
#1369 Start shipping zsh in debathena-standard and up new enhancement normal The Distant Future
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