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#774 fixed alpine should be aware of the MIT LDAP server achernya achernya

Reported by achernya, 13 years ago.


alpine should be configured to use the MIT LDAP servers for addressbook/name lookups by Debathena.

Specifically, the line


needs to become "/base=dc=mit,dc=edu"
#1198 duplicate Make linerva-shellinabox-config part of Debathena achernya

Reported by achernya, 12 years ago.


linerva-shellinabox-config is a useful little package that sets up shellinaboxd and sslh. This is useful outside of linerva (especially athena.dialup) and should be made part of Debathena.

This should probably go into a "servers" pocket, as it's not something most users want, or should be using.

#1271 fixed mitprint local pharos queue occasionally gets stuck achernya

Reported by achernya, 11 years ago.


The mitprint local pharos queue currently has a policy of stopping the printer when an error occurs. While this makes sense for a real printer, for the forwarding queue, this means that all subsequent jobs get stuck. Linerva recently noticed that there were over 80 stuck jobs, and repeated "cupsenable mitprint" followed by removing the jobs causing an error, were the only way to fix this.

This has consequences for cluster machines, as well as the dialups, where a user can cause a denial-of-service by sending bad jobs.

Arguably, the on-error policy should be to drop the job, not stop the "printer" (forwarding queue).

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