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#736 fixed cluster installer prompts for VG overwrite when installing on a completely empty disk jdreed amb

Reported by amb, 14 years ago.


The cluster installer should work unattended, but instead it needs an installer to manually select "Yes". If this option (partman-lvm/confirm_nooverwrite) is set to true, however, installs blow up fatally with a "VG name already in use" error. See  LP:154086.

We might just want to have the cluster installer write a trash partition table out to disk first. We could possibly also punt LVM.

#759 fixed The rescue-mode-based Athena force-updater is multiply-broken under Lucid jdreed amb

Reported by amb, 14 years ago.


The rescue-mode-based Athena force updater offers to "shutdown and restart" but really just powers off. (This is particularly troublesome with the 32 quickstations.) Also, it apparently doesn't have network under Lucid so can't really update anyway.

#1093 fixed wheezy no longer close enough to squeeze amu

Reported by amu, 13 years ago.


Now that  Python 2.7 is the default version in wheezy, the squeeze repository is no longer an adequate stand-in; in particular, its python-hesiod depends on python (<< 2.7). Could you please add a separate wheezy build?


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