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#1519 fixed alpine exchange config does not let you select subfolders of inbox jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 10 years ago.


The inbox-path needs "Inbox" appended to the end of it

#674 invalid alpine renders html non-breaking space incorrectly jweiss

Reported by jweiss, 14 years ago.


It appears that when alpine renders an html message that contains a non-breaking-space, that character is rendered as a capital-A with a caret over it. I'm guessing this will need to be up-streamed, but figured that there might be some charset issue that I'm missing or something,

#774 fixed alpine should be aware of the MIT LDAP server achernya achernya

Reported by achernya, 13 years ago.


alpine should be configured to use the MIT LDAP servers for addressbook/name lookups by Debathena.

Specifically, the line


needs to become "/base=dc=mit,dc=edu"
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