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#586 fixed zephyr 2 to zephyr 3 distro upgrade makes you lose geofft

Reported by geofft, 14 years ago.


If you do a do-release-upgrade from a libzephyr3 release to a libzephyr4 one, you lose.

Because debathena-zephyr-config et al. depend on libzephyr4-krb5 | libzephyr3-krb, the libzephyr3-krb you already had installed satisfies that dependency, meaning that nothing pulls in libzephyr4-krb5. When do-release-upgrade cleans up at the end of the upgrade, it doesn't remove libzephyr3-krb because it's still depended on by zephyr-config.

Meanwhile, because things like pidgin depend on some form of libzephyr4, you end up with both libzephyr3-krb and libzephyr4 (no -krb5), and you're sad.

The only fix I've been able to come up with is to create a debathena-libzephyr, which depends on libzephyr4-krb5 | libzephyr3-krb on releases that still have zephyr 2, and just libzephyr4-krb5 on releases that only have zephyr 3. And then depend on that everywhere we currently have a libzephyr4-krb5 | libzephyr3-krb dependency.

(This allows us to accommodate the eventuality where zephyr 3 gets backported to Hardy + Jaunty)

#876 fixed ytnef alternative kaduk

Reported by kaduk, 13 years ago.


ytnef was removed from thirdparty-communication in r25093, as it was removed from upstream for security issues.

As Jon notes, "We should endeavor to replace ytnef with ... something, since we are in an environment in which users are in fact quite likely to end up with a TNEF attachment."

I note that there is a tnef package in Ubuntu ... it might be what we want.

#844 fixed YouTube causes 755s to crash hard, and 745s to look funny geofft

Reported by geofft, 13 years ago.


A user reported that cluster computers would crash after a minute or two of watching a YouTube? video. We reproduced this on his account on opus, which is an OptiPlex? 755 running 10.04.2 debathena-workstation i686: the screen goes blank and the machine no longer pings.

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