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#65 fixed Change remaining code to use tabbott

Reported by tabbott, 16 years ago.

Description is supposed to be the authoritative source of our tags database and lists distribution (though it might be good to put this in a file rather than a script). I think we need to fix

debathena/third/common/ debathena/third/cyrus-sasl2-mit/debathenify-cyrus-sasl2-mit

Also, /mit/debathena/web_scripts/pkglist/ should read its lists of codenames and components rather than hardcoding them.

#66 fixed Build Debathena for hardy tabbott

Reported by tabbott, 16 years ago.


We should make test hardy packages

#67 fixed MIT CA certificate should be managed by update-ca-certificates andersk

Reported by andersk, 16 years ago.


The current debathena-ca-certificates package links mitCA.pem directly into /etc/ssl/certs and runs c_rehash. However, many applications miss the new CA because they only look at /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt, which is a bundle of certificates managed by update-ca-certificates.

A better way to install the CA is to package it as /usr/share/ca-certificates/, and run dpkg-reconfigure ca-certificates. This will prompt the user to trust the new CA, upon which it will be linked into /etc/ssl/certs and added to /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt.

We should figure out how to make this happen without prompting the user, while still preserving other changes to ca-certificates and allowing clean uninstallation.

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