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#1026 fixed athena-auto-update needs a full rewrite jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 13 years ago.


Given #1020, #1145, and #840, we need to re-write auto-update, because it's now full of hacks. The consensus is that we should switch to apt-get, which has better multi-arch support. But, we need to preserve the check for not removing metapackages. Perhaps this can be accomplished with apt-get -s?

OTOH, if we don't set autoremove (and it's not set by default), apt-get would only remove the actual metapackages, and not their dependencies, which is less catastrophic. So you'd have a functional machine, but machtype -L and possibly the greeter would yell at you.

#528 fixed athena-auto-update should 'aptitude install' jdreed geofft

Reported by geofft, 14 years ago.


So apparently if debathena-reactivate is unpacked but not configured (because we wrote a bug in its preinst that causes it to fail inside debian-installer, but install just fine on any installed system), and so debathena-cluster is not configured, if you run 'aptitude --simulate install' it proposes to retry installing reactivate and hopefully get the last of -cluster's dependencies that it hasn't gotten to yet, but if you run 'aptitude --simulate full-upgrade' it proposes to get rid of cluster because it's "not installable" and a bunch of thirdparty deps too. The latter is what auto-update does (first with and then without --simulate).

This caused all of the new machines in W20-575 to revert to -workstation.

#408 wontfix athena-auto-update should deal with upstream's anjuta/libgbf fail geofft

Reported by geofft, 15 years ago.


Ubuntu released a version of the anjuta package that is supposed to Conflict with libgbf-1-2, for it replaces a file in that package, but doesn't. This was previously inhibiting upgrades on ozok, and is currently inhibiting upgrades on m66-080-4; we should add code to athena-auto-update to work around this.

cf.  LP:338464

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