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#370 wontfix Update pyhesiodfs snapshot to add /mit/.locker support broder geofft

Reported by geofft, 13 years ago.

   sipb / lockers / broder  15:16  (Evan Broder)
       geofft: pyhesiodfs already can do /mit/.locker
-> sipb / lockers / broder  15:16  (Evan Broder)
       The code is in git/svn/whatever. I just haven't updated Debathena's
       snapshot of the code
   sipb / lockers / broder  15:16  (Evan Broder)
       File a ticket or something
#380 fixed grenew FTBFS on releases without krb4 broder broder

Reported by broder, 13 years ago.


grenew needs to have the appropriate ifdefs added to allow it to build without krb4 support. Some earlier changes to the ATHENA_KRB4 autoconf macro should make this fairly easy - you can conditionalize on HAVE_KRB4. Once that's done, you can change ATHENA_KRB4_REQUIRED to ATHENA_KRB4 in

For other Debathena packages with optional krb4 support, we've built all versions without krb4. However, since krb4 tickets are still needed on pre-{Karmic,Squeeze} releases for zephyr, this time we need to actually hack the packaging to pass --without-krb4 when the version of krb5 >= 1.7, and --with-krb4=$(shell krb5-config --prefix krb4) for older versions.

#437 fixed Consider expanding debathena-metrics blacklist broder jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 13 years ago.


We should expand the blacklist. We can either explicitly add some of the most common things that are missing (grotty, troff, dircolors, seq, renice, dpkg-*, /usr/lib/aptitude/methods/http and /lib/ come to mind), or we can be slightly more clever and whitelist whole swaths of things. For example, we really don't care about anything in /bin.

I'd argue we want to we want to ignore anything that ships as part of coreutils, bsdutils, groff-base and probably a few other core packages (i.e. things we could not possibly remove from Athena).

We should also ignore evolution-data-server-* and evolution-alarm-notify.

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