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#1427 fixed debathena-pharos-support doesn't install on saucy geofft

Reported by geofft, 9 years ago.


debathena-pharos-config depends on  hpijs, which used to be a transitional package for printer-driver-hpijs but got removed. The dependency should be updated to printer-driver-hpijs | hpijs or something.

#1423 fixed Disable Amazon, etc. search results in the Lens jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 9 years ago.


We should disable the "helpful" search results in the Lens, because they're annoying (I do not want to view a Tom Hanks movie when attempting to launch gnome-terminal), and because Google is already a thing. I assert we should do this on -workstation and higher.

#1422 fixed add python-virtualenv to -thirdparty kcr

Reported by kcr, 9 years ago.


Because there's a reasonably large python community around, and it's useful for installing messing with things on, say, the dialups

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