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#865 fixed debathena-firefox-extension doesn't deal with ubufox.js transition andersk

Reported by andersk, 13 years ago.

andersk@ozok-the-destroyer:~$ debsums -as ubufox
debsums: missing file /etc/xul-ext/ubufox.js (from ubufox package)

We fail to undivert /etc/firefox-3.0/pref/ubufox.js after conditionally diverting it, of course, but that’s only half the story. From ubufox.postinst:

    if dpkg --compare-versions "$2" le "0.9~rc2-0ubuntu1"; then
        mv_conffile /etc/firefox-3.0/pref/ubufox.js /etc/xul-ext/ubufox.js

So we also need to add conditional versioned dependencies on ubufox. Fun.

#866 fixed debathena-apparmor-config needs to undivert/unremove stuff andersk

Reported by andersk, 13 years ago.


debathena-apparmor-config has a whole bunch of conditional diversions and removals; therefore, it needs to undivert and unremove those files in the respective opposite cases.

Otherwise all kinds of brokenness gets left behind in /etc/apparmor.d on upgrades to lucid, which breaks Firefox. (This seems to be what happened on

#923 fixed debathena-bash-config interferes with base-files’s upgrading of /etc/profile andersk

Reported by andersk, 13 years ago.


base-files.postinst on Ubuntu upgrades /etc/profile as follows:

  if [ -f /etc/profile ]; then
    md5=`md5sum /etc/profile | cut -f 1 -d\ `
    if grep -qw "$md5" /usr/share/base-files/profile.md5sums; then
        cp /usr/share/base-files/profile /etc/profile

Obviously, this breaks when /etc/profile is diverted. We could go ask Ubuntu to use ‘dpkg-divert --truename /etc/profile’. However, Ubuntu since hardy (base-files 4.0.1ubuntu2) and even Debian since squeeze (base-files 5.3) support /etc/profile.d/*.sh, so we should really just go use that instead.

(Sadly there is no bashrc.d yet, but that’s okay because /etc/bash.bashrc is a conffile in the bash package, not generated in a postinst.)

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