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#975 fixed ttf-msttcorefonts-installer postinst fails when ubuntu-desktop is pulled in by debathena jdreed geofft

Reported by geofft, 13 years ago.


The postinst fails as described below.

#1570 fixed trying to recursively delete a directory produces a stack trace jweiss

Reported by jweiss, 8 years ago.


Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/bin/delete", line 191, in <module>


File "/usr/bin/delete", line 185, in main

if not delete(filename.rstrip('/'), options):

File "/usr/bin/delete", line 110, in delete

is_empty = libdelete.empty_directory(filename)

NameError?: global name 'libdelete' is not defined Exit 1

#931 fixed Try and reduce dependence on ia32-libs geofft geofft

Reported by geofft, 13 years ago.


Evan tells me that

  • ia32-libs is going away in Oneiric in favor of multiarch
  • the multiarch spec does not allow dependencies on packages from a non-native architecture -- you have to manually install said packages in a separate invocation.

This combines to mean that it's impossible to write a metapackage that depends on the libraries we've been wanting to run things out of AFS -- e.g., debathena-athena-libraries can't depend on 64-bit and 32-bit libraries on amd64. At best we can write an arch-dependent metapackage debathena-athena-lib32raries, but none of our other metapackages can depend on that; it'll have to be installed manually.

The right place to figure out what we need to do about this, and possibly what upstream needs to do about this, is  #multiarch on OFTC. I'm milestoning this as a Natty Beta blocker because we need to deal really really quickly before Oneiric's multiarch plans are too immutable, even though it doesn't affect the Natty cluster release directly.


Pre-multiarch, architecture-dependent packages may depend on Architecture: all packages and assume that the transitive dependencies will be resolved using packages of the same architecture or other packages that are Architecture: all. To avoid breaking this assumption, Architecture: all packages will, at least initially, be treated as equivalent to packages of the native architecture for all dependency resolution. This means that for an Architecture: all package to satisfy the dependencies of a foreign-architecture package, it must be marked Multi-Arch: foreign or Multi-Arch: allowed.

Oneiric goals:

  • ia32-libs out of the archive (i.e. multiarch-ify everything in ia32-libs - at least 200 libraries)
  • Get rid of lib{32,64}foo

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