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#419 fixed debathena-nmh depends on krb4 geofft broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


This is a problem on platforms that don't have krb4, such as Karmic and Squeeze.

Until this gets fixed, debathena-nmh has been demoted to a recommendation in debathena-clients instead of a dependency

#436 fixed repository and build process for patched schroot 1.3 geofft geofft

Reported by geofft, 15 years ago.


The debathenificator doesn't currently support starting with a completely separate source package (because that's not its intent; the intent is to modify the source package in each supported distro), so I can't use it for our schroot 1.3 backport. I currently have a clone of upstream's git repo with some additional patches in debuild:/home/debuild/geofft/schroot/schroot (the patches are also in /mit/geofft/debathena/schroot), and I'm building and uploading it to jaunty-development by running sbuild and reprepro myself. This is very not sustainable and needs to be fixed before the package escapes to anything other than -development.

Also, I've specifically backported schroot 1.3 to Jaunty, so it may not fit well with our multi-distribution model -- there's no point of this anyway. But somehow we need to be keeping our patches for schroot in Athena SVN and make our build scripts/infrastructure capable of building it.

#457 fixed force logout of abandoned cluster causes greyout geofft afarrell

Reported by afarrell, 15 years ago.


After trying to force logout a user who has been away yet logged in for a significant amount of time, the screen turns light grey and the fan begins overspinning.

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