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#209 fixed maple / java problem on 64 bit machines opolon

Reported by opolon, 15 years ago.


It looks like the 64bit JRE is not properly installed / linked, when using maple.

For instance, add java add maple maple -x returns: eval: 1: /mit/maple_v12.0/distrib/jre.X86_64_LINUX/bin/java: not found

#210 wontfix Make Evolution work with Exchange jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


Anders notes that Jaunty includes the following:

Package: evolution-mapi
Description: Evolution extension for MS Exchange 2007 servers
A provider for Evolution that can connect to Exchange 2007 servers and 
also to Exchange 2003, 2000 and 5.5.

We should test this with the MIT Exchange server.

#214 fixed /etc/{bash.bashrc,csh.cshrc}.debathena should not set environment variables andersk

Reported by andersk, 15 years ago.


Right now /etc/profile.debathena and /etc/bash.bashrc.debathena both source the same script /usr/share/debathena-bash-config/bashrc.debathena, which clobbers environment variables like ATHENA_USER. This clobbers an ATHENA_USER set in ~/.profile. bashrc files should never set environment variables, so the fix is to split out a new /usr/share/debathena-bash-config/profile.debathena from bashrc.debathena. Similarly for tcsh.

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