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#227 fixed Improve semantics of attach/detach and add jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


After discussion on Athena10 list and via IM, broder has proposed amendments to attach and detach as they're currently working on debathena/Athena10:

(a) Change liblocker so that the attachtab has a concept of per-user mounts (i.e. in addition to tracking which users have a locker mounted, it can also say "broder has /afs/.sipb/project/whatever mounted at /mit/whatever, but price has /usr/local/whatever mounted at /mit/whatever")

(b) Write PyLocker?

(c) Change pyHesiodFS to use PyLocker? instead of keeping its own cache and additionally, alter it to present a different view onto /mit for each user. (i.e. I would actually *see* /mit/whatever symlinked to /afs/.sipb/project/whatever, while if Greg looked at /mit/whatever, he'd see a symlink to /usr/local/whatever)

  • This is actually not that hard once parts (a) and (b) are done.

PyFUSE has fuse.FuseGetContext?(), which returns the UID, GID, and PID of the process making the given request.

This would allow us to bring back attach -e, and even allow it to be run by non-root users.

Also add -r should remove the locker from the Search path even if it is not attached rather than complaining of a non-attached locker.

This improved interface should be implemented and tested to see if it is better, and if it is better, it should become the default.

#230 fixed Cluster users get notifications because they're sudoers broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


Users of some (maybe all?) cluster machines get presented with an system notification about restricted drivers being available. They also get prompted when updates are available.

There are a couple issues here.

(1) We should possibly be enabling the restricted drivers (2) We should try to generally suppress these notifications

#232 wontfix Provide a supportable Ubuntu configuration of TSM wdc

Reported by wdc, 15 years ago.


Alexp has done the work of figuring out how to get TSM 5.4 working under Intrepid (including the dsmj GUI by utilizing the sun-java-6 JRE.)

Temporary documentation on getting this to work is pointed to by Hermes at:

There are several opportunities for improvement here:

  1. Put the documentation in a more "real" place.
  2. Refine the package to be a bona fide .deb instead of an alien.

IBM is coming out with a new version of TSM and this represents an opportunity to lobby for some important improvements:

1, Get rid of use of ksh since bash is canon nowadays, and the ksh EULA is really nasty.

  1. Get TSM fully functional on the platform's NATIVE java runtime environment (preferably OpenJava?-6), rather than requiring TSM users to to go to, download a jre, click on a messy EULA, and then fiddle with the PATH.
  2. Embrace Ubuntu as a supported platform.
  3. Provide a simple installer akin to what is on offer for Windows or Mac.
  4. Eliminate the need to hand-create the dsm.sys and dsm.opt files. (The installer should offer a gui setup for those.)
  5. Create sensible interfaces to upstart that are appropriately installed by the installer.
  6. Provide a "dry run" option that would help people see what files would or would not be backed up with a particular command or scheduled run.
  7. Oh yes, I almost forgot, The TSM command line program should

use that ioctl to learn with the erase character is rather than hard coding the delete key. The erase character should be the upstream default, not requiring hand-tooling to specially fix for TSM.

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