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#732 fixed thunderbird-config should use new autoconfig jdreed jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 14 years ago.


(This is the second half of #709)

With Thunderbird 3, dropping .cfg files in /usr/lib/thunderbird-<ver> is no longer encouraged (and in fact is hard, since /usr/lib/thunderbird is versioned). We can try triggers or stupid rules hacks to make the existing method limp along, but the Right(tm) way to do is documented (in draft form) at

This will almost certainly require coordination with OI, as is currently reserved and possibly does awesome things in our Exchange infrastructure.

#401 fixed thunderbird-config should support krb5 auth broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


We need to figure out what configuration option corresponds to the "Use SASL^WSecure Authentication" check mark.

#1568 fixed Three reporting issues with new delete jweiss

Reported by jweiss, 9 years ago.


The new python based version of delete has at least three changes in reporting from the old version:

1) When delete is unable to delete a file it fails to report which file it failed to delete (potentially important if you're deleting multiple files and one fails) The old version used to say something like:

delete: foo: No such file or directory

for each file foo that failed to delete.

2) Same problem in reverse with undelete.

3) undelete is now verbose about the list of files it is undeleting, where as the old version only reported problems.

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