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#963 fixed thirdparty should stop being equivs jdreed jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 13 years ago.


Now that #848 is done, we should do the same with thirdparty. We may also want to consider making thirdparty a monolithic package, since the categories are not evenly balanced, and I disbelieve anyone says "Hrm, I want all -libraries mentioned in What Runs Where, I wonder if there's a metapackage for them?"

#759 fixed The rescue-mode-based Athena force-updater is multiply-broken under Lucid jdreed amb

Reported by amb, 14 years ago.


The rescue-mode-based Athena force updater offers to "shutdown and restart" but really just powers off. (This is particularly troublesome with the 32 quickstations.) Also, it apparently doesn't have network under Lucid so can't really update anyway.

#259 fixed The PXE installer should say Debathena where it currently says Athena 10 amb jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


The PXE menu and the installation process should probably have Athena 10 replaced with "Debathena" in most places before the fall.

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