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#1576 fixed pyhesiodfs build depends on python-support slz

Reported by slz, 8 years ago.


We need to drop it, as python-support doesn't exist on xenial.

#580 worksforme debathena-pyhesiodfs: Restarting automounter post-install script froze on dist-upgrade s4m

Reported by s4m, 14 years ago.


While upgrading from Karmic to Lucid, the post-install script for debathena-pyhesiodfs seemed to freeze (related to me not having valid kerberos tickets at the time?). After canceling with ctrl-c (after a long wait), the remainder of the dist-upgrade proceed without obvious problem, only to run into the same error when doing the (automatically run after install for an upgrade with errors) "dpkg --configure -a". At least, the post-install script for that package should have a timeout or something so that whatever else it does (if anything) doesn't fail if the automounter cannot be restarted.

#431 fixed Karmic's gdm does not support custom commands, e.g. launching the kiosk browser rbasch

Reported by rbasch, 14 years ago.


The version of gdm in Karmic (2.28) does not seem to support defining custom commands. We currently use that feature (in 2.20) to define a command to launch the kiosk mode browser, so we will apparently have to rethink that, as well as our custom theme (#430).

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