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#149 wontfix Add terminal launcher to GNOME panel broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


We should bring back the terminal launcher on the panel.

It's not the distribution default, but as was pointed out recently, Ubuntu tries to make the terminal unnecessary, while Athena has no such feature.

#151 fixed Cleanup VISUAL, term, xresize tabbott

Reported by tabbott, 15 years ago.


Unless we come up with a reason not to, we should be sure to stop setting VISUAL, term, and xresize when we adjust the system dotfiles (Unless we realize a good reason not to).

#153 fixed Do something clever with ~/.xsession-errors so that the dialog box is useful jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


Currently, when logins fail, gdm will happily write the error log to ~/.xsession-errors and then refuse to open it to show it to the user, because it has no tokens. While it is possible to go log in to another machine remotely and view the file, that kind of sucks for login debugging, especially. Selecting a Failsafe GNOME session won't necessarily help, either, if .xsession-errors is complaining about the login volume lying around.

In /etc/X11/Xsession, $ERRFILE is set to $HOME/.xsession-errors. I wonder if in /etc/gdm/Xsession or the PreSession?, we could change this variable to point somewhere else, somewhere that gdm would be able to read the file.

Presumably it's also a bug that gdm opens that error window in a session that doesn't have tokens, and we should report that, but we should also try to fix this before summer.

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