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#1008 ignored update-manager's "partial upgrade" dialog sometimes shows up with auto-update jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 13 years ago.


My current theory is that if update-manager and auto-update are both doing stuff at the same time, update-manager gets confused and throws a fit. This is not a serious issue, since even if the user clicks "Partial Upgrade", presumably it will either fail (because it can't lock the apt cache) or will do nothing, because auto-update will have taken care of it. Still, it's annoying and should go away.

#1035 ignored /dev/xconsole isn't there on natty jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 13 years ago.


Something, somewhere, is supposed to mkfifo it, and is supposed to do so before rsyslog starts. I don't have time to poke at Lucid right now, but someone should.

#132 workaround lastlog is local only fawkes

Reported by fawkes, 15 years ago.


Noticed on linerva post-lenny upgrade.

Running lastlog outputs:

root pts/116 balanced-tree.mi Tue Mar 10 03:26:35 -0400 2009 daemon Never logged in bin Never logged in sys Never logged in sync Never logged in games Never logged in

... etc.

for all the people in /etc/passwd

syntax is also off from Athena version. Athena lastlog syntax was lastlog <user>. /usr/bin/lastlog would take the syntax laslog -u <user>, so even if this client is made AFS/Athena aware, it may confuse some users.

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