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#188 fixed <Tab> doesn't switch from username to password field on login screen adehnert adehnert

Reported by adehnert, 15 years ago.


The Ubuntu theme lets you use the tab key to switch between the username and password fields. Debathena cluster (or workstation, or something) machines don't seem to do this. It would be cool if they did.

#459 duplicate alpine should respect ATHENA_USER as FROM address adehnert

Reported by adehnert, 14 years ago.


When you run Alpine on a machine where your local user is differently named from your Athena user, Alpine should somehow be configured to send mail from $ATHENA_USER@…, not $USER@…. Unfortunately, this seems mildly difficult, since Alpine doesn't appear to directly provide a way set the user part of the sender (and appears to use /etc/passwd or something, not $USER, to get username information).

You can sort of handle this by adding alt-addresses=$ATHENA_USER@… in the pinerc, and by adding a default role that sets the from address to $ATHENA_USER@… (see (This does seem somewhat kludgy, and will cause mail to/from $USER@… to appear to/from you.)

#460 fixed mail / sendmail should respect $ATHENA_USER for from adehnert

Reported by adehnert, 14 years ago.


Sending mail with mailx(1) / /usr/sbin/sendmail should respect the $ATHENA_USER variable for setting the from address.

--- /usr/lib/debathena-msmtp.orig	2009-12-08 10:52:01.000000000 -0500
+++ /usr/lib/debathena-msmtp	2009-12-08 15:29:18.000000000 -0500
@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@
 	echo "Could not find valid ATHENA.MIT.EDU Kerberos tickets." >&2
 	exit 1
+    export USER=${ATHENA_USER:-$USER}
     exec msmtp --port=587 --auth=gssapi --user="$kuser" --auto-from=on "$@"
    exec msmtp --port=25 --auth=off --auto-from=on "$@"

appears to resolve this issue, though in a mildly kludgy way. (It might be best to add a similar modification to USER to the unauthed stanza.)

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