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#79 fixed DEB_TRANSFORM_FILES only works on Architecture: all broder

Reported by broder, 16 years ago.


DEB_TRANSFORM_FILES will currently only work if the architecture is set to all. If it's set to something else (like any), the transform script won't get run during the common-build-arch target, and the install target fails. This probably just needs to be documented, not changed.

#114 invalid Testing closing tickets with TracZephyrPlugin broder
#124 wontfix De-crustify the CellServDB broder broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


The CellServDB we ship currently is pretty crusty.

There are MIT cells that should stay in in the off chance that the world (i.e. DNS) ends while we're not looking.

There are some non-MIT cells that have AFSDB records, and we should just use those. (Some of these records have no overlap with the servers listed in our CellServDB)

There are some non-MIT cells that still exist, but don't have AFSDB records. We should leave those in the CellServDB, but probably only after considering whether anyone's likely to use them.

There are some non-MIT cells that no longer exist, at least at the particular vlservers in our CellServDB. We should punt those.

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