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#333 fixed PXE installer doesn't configure network amb quentin

Reported by quentin, 15 years ago.


When choosing option "2" from the PXE installer (for regular debathena installs), it first prompts you for an IP address, and then installs a machine that's configured to boot with DHCP. This results in the machine thinking it is NIC.MIT.EDU, among other oddities.

#343 fixed debathena-larvnet does not uninstall cleanly quentin

Reported by quentin, 15 years ago.


After uninstalling the larvnet package, all logins fail with:

/usr/lib/debathena-larvnet/larvnet-wrapper: Command not found.

This is because there is a leftover /etc/X11/Xsession.d/96debathena-larvnet file that is not removed when removing the package.

#441 fixed reactivate 2 isn't getting krb4 tickets quentin

Reported by quentin, 14 years ago.


pam_krb524 works when it runs when you first login. However, when the session modules run as part of schroot, it can't find your krb5 tickets, and somehow your krb4 tickets get clobbered.

The effect is that you have no krb4 tickets when you login to a reactivate 2 machine.

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