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#275 duplicate Provide GUI integration with DFS homedir jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


It would be cool if there was an easy way to access one's DFS share from Debathena.

smbclient is fine for the command line, but the GUI would be nice. Nautilus does not seem to know how to deal with kerberos authentication.

For the record, the smbclient command is:

smbclient -k -D /profiles/j/joeuser

The dfsclient script in the Samba locker is no longer necessary, because smbclient now understands redirection.

#277 wontfix WGFILE not being set breaks send_message alexp

Reported by alexp, 15 years ago.


3rd party software uses send_message in the swtools locker. It breaks if WGFILE isn't set (which it isn't). We should fix send_message, or set WGFILE (though that might be hard to do for people not using Athena dotfiles who might still use 3rd party software).

#278 fixed "Log Out" button on screensaver takes far too long jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


Tommy and Joyce (hotline) mentioned that they'd been having some problems logging people out who had abandoned their cluster machines. I told them that Ctrl-L doesn't work anymore, and they have to use the mouse, but they said the "Log Out" button only works about half the time.

I assume this is related to #146, but I wanted to track it separately anyway.

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