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#150 fixed Tab completion for athrun broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


It shouldn't be too hard to write-up tab completion for the the second (and subsequent) argument(s) to athrun. We should write it up and drop it in /etc/bash_completion.d

#364 fixed Tab completion for athinfo broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


It would be cool to add tab completion to athinfo.

You could use the _known_hosts function for completing the hostname, and then the output of athinfo <hostname> queries for completing the query.

This does have some small challenges. It's possible that the remote host is down, in which case athinfo will hang for some time before timing out; you don't want that hang to hang tab completion as well.

Since all queries (including 'query') are admin-configurable, you can never assume that the output is actually in the right format, or free of undesirable spaces/semicolons/etc.

And you can also never assume that athinfo won't hang after connecting while it's in the process of printing out the query.

To solve the latter two issues, you want to make sure that you kill athinfo after a timeout (probably no more than a second). I'm not sure whether this can be done from pure bash, so you might need a helper script.

#137 fixed system-wide bash_login and login should not unconditionally punt zwgc on dialups broder jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


/usr/athena/lib/init/login and bash_login refuse to set ZEPHYR_CLIENT if /etc/athena/dialuptype exists. I'm told that this was done on purpose because Linerva maintainers do not think users want to be running zwgc by default in X forwarded ssh sessions.

This is not a decision we should be making for users. If I log into Linerva over a tty session from somewhere, I want zwgc. I expect it to run at startup like every single other Athena machine. The message it displays is not useful for people whose .startup.tty generates a fair bit of output, as mine does (if I have more, say, 20 new mails in my INBOX, then the message about zwgc has scrolled off the screen)

We should conditionalize this on whether or not someone has "fallback = true" in .zephyr.vars. If they have set this, they expect zwgc to be running on dialups by default, and thus will not be surprised by getting multiple zephyrgrams in X forwarding SSH session. If they have not set this, then either they run zwgc -ttymode by in .startup.tty (which will still work), or they don't expect zephyr to be running by default on dialups. It's still a change from the default behavior, and should be documented, but is better than punting zwgc unconditionally.

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