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#384 fixed lpr.debathena should find the cups default printer, and prioritize it above hesiod mitchb

Reported by mitchb, 15 years ago.


If the owner of a machine uses the GUI printing administration application to choose a default printer for their machine, this isn't honored by the commandline utilities if the machine prefers lprng. We currently check the PRINTER environment variable, and then hesiod clusterinfo to find a default queue. We should check if a default queue has been set in cups, and use that before turning to hesiod since it reflects a local sysadmin's choice.

One could argue that if we find the cups default queue, we should use the cups tools. However, if a machine prefers lprng normally, and a sysadmin uses the GUI to choose a default printer, it shouldn't cause which printing system their commandline apps use to suddenly change, so we should continue to use the system preference, and simply take the name of the queue from cups.

The attached patch uses python-cups, which isn't in Etch, so this may need to wait until Etch is desupported. I'd first worked out a solution that finds the default printer in /etc/cups/printers.conf. Unfortunately, the permissions on that file are fascist, so that doesn't work for mortals.

#898 duplicate discuss doesn't support building shared libraries mitchb

Reported by mitchb, 13 years ago.


srsly? We should embrace the 90's or something. Anyway, in as much as we want to be an upstream, only being able to build static libs conflicts with some other distros' philosophies.

#1163 fixed on precise is maybe broken lizdenys

Reported by lizdenys, 12 years ago.


Liz said something about it creating sources.list with mode 600 instead of 644, thus breaking things.

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