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#433 fixed syslog-config needs to use rsyslog broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


It looks like rsyslog has finally replaced sysklogd. Since ubuntu-minimal depends on rsyslog, this isn't something we can work around.

rsyslog is available in every release we support, except for Etch, so we'll need to do something clever to create a package that configures sysklogd for older releases and rsyslog for newer ones.

I don't know if "older releases" should just be Etch, or anything pre-Karmic, or what.

See also, and

#1442 duplicate syncupdate has no reason to exist achernya

Reported by achernya, 10 years ago.


We have journaling filesystems now, and apt-rdepends indicates it I a dependency of clients and nothing else.

#195 fixed Sync our moira package from the moiradev locker broder tabbott

Reported by tabbott, 15 years ago.


Evan tells me that our moira package is out of date. We should fix this.

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