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#155 duplicate acroread attempts to use CUPS-specific optoins to lpr broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


acroread seems to sort of half-grok CUPS - well enough to query the library for a list of CUPS printers, but instead of printing through the library, it shells out to lpr.

It also passes -o options of one sort or another, which doesn't work currently, because our lpr almost always shells out to mit-lpr, so you get a popup to the effect of:

The following error occurred while printing...
'lpr: illegal option 'o'
Usage: lpr [-Pprinter@host]] [-A] [-B] [-Cclass] [-Fformat] [-G] [-Jinfo]


I'm...not sure if I'm actually interested in investing effort in fixing this, given that the long-term strategy is to actually use CUPS.

#156 fixed Everything should check ATHENA_USER broder broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


We've established $ATHENA_USER as your Athena username when it's distinct from $USER.

debathena-dotfiles will currently set ATHENA_USER=$USER if it's otherwise unset, but I think that the various clients that check $USER should be modified to check $ATHENA_USER first in case debathena-dotfiles isn't installed.

#157 fixed sendbug cancel fails wdc

Reported by wdc, 15 years ago.


As per report filed in bugs:

Repeat by:

  1. Applications->System Tools->Report an Athena bug
  2. In the :Add a new entry alert, instead of specifying a program,

click the "Cancel" button.

Expected behavior:

Sendbug should have aborted.

Actual behavior:

An alert popped up letting me know I was going to get a text editor window to report my bug. Indeed, the editor window popped up after that.

This is, perhaps a cosmetic bug, but a user did trouble themself to report it...

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