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#154 fixed We should implement a zenity dialog for people who are running tracker jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


As per ATN-30, we should implement a zenity dialog (like we do for people with mode 777 homedirs) that checks for EnableIndexing?=true in ~/.config/tracker/tracker.cfg. It should say something like "You currently have the Tracker indexer enabled. This is known to break AFS. You can disable it by doing $foo".

$foo can either be something like "athrun consult fix-tracker", or we could decide that the number is small enough we should point them at a stock answer on how to edit the file instead.

I note we currently have /etc/X11/Xsession.d/97debathena-homedir-mode. Rather than having a separate script, would it be better to lump these all together in something like debathena-warn-users or something?

#161 wontfix Make texlive install more quickly. wdc

Reported by wdc, 15 years ago.


The install of texlive performs activities such as

mktexlsr updmap-sys

as every package is installed rather than setting a trigger to perform them once at the end of all package installs.

This causes the texlive install to take far longer than it ideally should.

It would be nice if we could help the upstream debian integrator of texlive to produce a more efficient install.

Broder has also cooked up a hack to do some triggerizing: /mit/broder/Public/debathena-triggerize-texlive_1.0.tar.gz

Consensus is that we'd prefer to work with upstream rather than having our own local hack.

#165 wontfix HPET clock is broken on Dell 760 Hardware wdc

Reported by wdc, 15 years ago.


When you boot from older Intrepid media, you see an spew of kernel oops messages. The apparent work-around for this is to power cycle the machine.

A one-line change to print the error message only once is incorporated into the Intrepid update kernel, so this symptom only affects systems lacking the update kernel.

The warning is reporting a fault in the HPET clock which *IS* real. It takes forever for the system to boot up, and logging in takes rather long. The work around is to boot with the option acpi=off.

When you boot Jaunty, even from media as recent as 3/24, you get a blank screen unless you use the boot option acpi=off.

We need to find out where the fault lies and get it fixed.

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