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#381 wontfix people who try to disable bugme should not have athena accounts kcr

Reported by kcr, 15 years ago.


Or at _least_, should get logged out if they kill -STOP it.

#574 fixed "System Default Session" is missing in gdm kcr

Reported by kcr, 14 years ago.


"System Default Session" a.k.a "run my .xsession if I've got one, else give me gnome" seems to be missing in Lucid (and Karmic).

#1121 fixed debathena-manual-config is crufty kcr

Reported by kcr, 12 years ago.


With the sources:

deb squeeze debathena debathena-manual-config deb-src squeeze debathena debathena-manual-config

Attempting to install debathena-manual-kerberos-config:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:

debathena-manual-kerberos-config : Depends: krb4-config but it is not installable

But there is no krb4-config in squeeze. kcr@ice$ apt-cache policy debathena-manual-kerberos-config debathena-manual-kerberos-config:

Installed: (none) Candidate: 1.11 Version table:

1.11 0

500 squeeze/debathena-manual-config amd64 Packages

This is likely a problem for krb4-less ubuntu versions as well.

(This probably just requires a rebuild or something)

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