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#375 wontfix packages punted from live CD are also punted from installed system xavid geofft

Reported by geofft, 15 years ago.


I ran the "what packages could satisfy unsatisfied dependencies but aren't installed" query from #373 on ozok-the-destroyer, a debathena-workstation installed from the live CD, and found some names that sounded familiar: bogofilter, ekiga, f-spot, gnome-games.*, etc. These are all packages that the live CD punts (ticket #293).

By the nature of ubiquity, the live CD system gets copied rather than a new system being installed from scratch, but it seems somewhat capricious for packages punted on the CD for reasons of space to also not end up on the installed system, which presumably has no 650-megabyte space constraint.

* is installed because of extra-software. Perhaps that should pull in -gnome too?

#381 wontfix people who try to disable bugme should not have athena accounts kcr

Reported by kcr, 15 years ago.


Or at _least_, should get logged out if they kill -STOP it.

#389 wontfix LiveCD Windows app lacks Debathena branding jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


The Windows app that the LiveCD launches when inserted into a Windows machine lacks branding. I don't know if the "Install from within Windows" option works either, but I'd expect it to.

If we care (we probably don't), we could probably do something clever with the Windows side of things.

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