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#411 wontfix We should honor $PRINTER, including in the GUI if possible jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


Currently, $PRINTER is honored only on the command line (and the GTK "Print to LPR" backend). We should do something clever such that CUPS knows about $PRINTER, or at the very least we should propagate printer cluster info to CUPS.

#420 wontfix How to configure VPN on Ubuntu 9.04 cgao

Reported by cgao, 15 years ago.


I was following the steps But it doesn't work, for the patch is in old version.

Then I was following the steps here

  1. Install network-manager-vpnc.
  2. Click the NetworkManager applet → VPN Connections → Configure VPN… → Add.
  3. For Choose a VPN Connection Type, select Cisco Compatible VPN (vpnc).
  4. Fill in Connection name: MITnet (or whatever), Gateway:, Group name: MIT, Group password: [the super-secret VPN password], Username: [your Athena username], and click Apply.
  5. Now you can connect by clicking NetworkManager applet → VPN Connections → MITnet. You will be prompted for your Athena password (or you could have saved it in step 4).

But what is [the super-secret VPN password]? I leave it blank and this method still does work? Where am I wrong?

Thanks so much

#423 wontfix 2-up printing from evince to lprng doesn't work geofft

Reported by geofft, 14 years ago.


I printed my bio pset twice from evince with 2-up printing selected in the second tab, and using "Print to LPR" with lpr -Zduplex as the command, and I got it 1-up both times.

I've gotten this to work before, but I think I used either Adobe Reader or CUPS.

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