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#776 duplicate Change debathena-metrics wrapper to use start-stop-daemon instead of daemon broder

Reported by broder, 13 years ago.


When I originally wrote the debathena-metrics code, I used daemon(1) to background the gatherer daemon. Since then, I've learned that daemon is not a particularly well engineered piece of code, and that in spite of being a little bit easier to use, start-stop-daemon is much better put together

It would be a good enhancement to switch debathena-metrics to using start-stop-daemon instead of daemon.

#65 fixed Change remaining code to use tabbott

Reported by tabbott, 16 years ago.

Description is supposed to be the authoritative source of our tags database and lists distribution (though it might be good to put this in a file rather than a script). I think we need to fix

debathena/third/common/ debathena/third/cyrus-sasl2-mit/debathenify-cyrus-sasl2-mit

Also, /mit/debathena/web_scripts/pkglist/ should read its lists of codenames and components rather than hardcoding them.

#368 fixed Change umask to 022 in /usr/lib/init/{ba,c}shrc jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 14 years ago.


As per, lets move forward on changing the default umask to 022 (which is what the upstream default is) unless people have objections.

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