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#484 wontfix Job not canceled when removed from queue pweaver

Reported by pweaver, 14 years ago.


When a job is removed using lprm and it is the active job the job still continues to print even when it is removed from the queue and the printer is restarted.

#507 wontfix pursue upstream bugs in Cyrus IMAP geofft

Reported by geofft, 14 years ago.

  1. As described in Trac #403, if you get a long IMAP response while SASL confidentiality protection is enabled, either Cyrus SASL or Cyrus IMAP barfs. This can be replicated in imtest. Is this fixed in a newer version, or do we need to report this uptream?
  2. As described in Trac #403, you can't tell Cyrus::IMAP to use SSL (or TLS or whatever), although you can tell imtest to use it (with -s) which works around the above bug. A cursory glance indicates that it's simply missing an XS binding for the C function to STARTTLS.

Fixing both of these will make mitmailutils happy.

#508 wontfix Restore legacy LaTeX packages jdreed jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 14 years ago.


A number of LaTeX packages are missing on Debathena, including some that were fairly canonical at MIT (fullpage.sty, doublespace.sty, etc).

These were yanked from upstream tetex back in 2004, but are still in fairly common use, especially in older LaTeX docs. We can change our LaTeX help documents to refer to their replacement packages instead, but it would be nice to have the old ones around, especially on -cluster.

I propose we create debathena-latex-legacy which includes some/all of the missing files. At the very least, it should contain fullpage.sty, doublespace.sty and a few others.

Here's the complete list of packages that are missing on Debathena:

a4dutch.sty apalike.sty avantgar.sty bar.sty cgalbertus.sty cgantiqueolive.sty cgcourier.sty cggothic.sty cgunivers.sty citesort.sty ctandir.sty doublespace.sty fguill.sty fixmarks.sty fullpage.sty getwidth.sty gletter.sty graybox.sty helvetic.sty here.sty hpfonts.sty inicap.sty isolatin1.sty jeb-bibl.sty landscape.sty lastpage209.sty mathpi.sty mathtime.sty mt11p.sty ncntrsbk.sty palatcm.sty pandora.sty picins.sty pst-char.sty qbookman.sty qpalatin.sty qtimes.sty script_l.sty script_s.sty script.sty spanishb.sty sz.sty t5.sty TeXmacs?.sty trees.sty umlaut.sty vpage.sty zapfchan.sty

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