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#347 fixed discuss uses obsolete AC_TYPE_SIGNAL broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


Apparently AC_TYPE_SIGNAL has been obsoleted, and any uses of RETSIGTYPE within the code base (which AC_TYPE_SIGNAL previously defined) should just be replaced with void.

(See also

#364 fixed Tab completion for athinfo broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


It would be cool to add tab completion to athinfo.

You could use the _known_hosts function for completing the hostname, and then the output of athinfo <hostname> queries for completing the query.

This does have some small challenges. It's possible that the remote host is down, in which case athinfo will hang for some time before timing out; you don't want that hang to hang tab completion as well.

Since all queries (including 'query') are admin-configurable, you can never assume that the output is actually in the right format, or free of undesirable spaces/semicolons/etc.

And you can also never assume that athinfo won't hang after connecting while it's in the process of printing out the query.

To solve the latter two issues, you want to make sure that you kill athinfo after a timeout (probably no more than a second). I'm not sure whether this can be done from pure bash, so you might need a helper script.

#380 fixed grenew FTBFS on releases without krb4 broder broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


grenew needs to have the appropriate ifdefs added to allow it to build without krb4 support. Some earlier changes to the ATHENA_KRB4 autoconf macro should make this fairly easy - you can conditionalize on HAVE_KRB4. Once that's done, you can change ATHENA_KRB4_REQUIRED to ATHENA_KRB4 in

For other Debathena packages with optional krb4 support, we've built all versions without krb4. However, since krb4 tickets are still needed on pre-{Karmic,Squeeze} releases for zephyr, this time we need to actually hack the packaging to pass --without-krb4 when the version of krb5 >= 1.7, and --with-krb4=$(shell krb5-config --prefix krb4) for older versions.

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